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Dancing Mad 'Final' Beta (installer by Insidious611):

Original Thread/Installer:

Also, 100% compatible with the Ted Woolsey Uncensor/retranslation patch, and about 90% compatibility with the additional music player patch included with the Ted Woolsey patch (music player works, and even plays the MSU-1 audio, but introduces some audio glitches at various points).


The following patches are now included as optional components in the Installer, there's no need to download them separately:

Optional Cut Songs Restoration by Edale:!PJZg1IRb!kS3ECIgKhAkc-qHWkVGRAg
(apply this after running Dancing Mad's installer)
The Cut Songs Restoration mod seamlessly reintroduces 4 songs that were cut from FFVI in development, and later released in the FFVI Special Tracks Album, without removing any of the existing tracks. Mod created by edale, with help from Insidious661 and mziab.

Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition by Rodimus Primal

Optional FFVI Music Player by Madsiur!3UR0nShJ!6V6FlV9kgMGIztJ5oGjS8C1QoojhaOrxtdtqZzP5crM
This is the same as the Music Player included with the Ted Woolsey patch, but fixed to work properly with the MSU patch. Contains patches for both the normal Dancing Mad patch, and one that includes the extra songs from Edale's Cut Songs Restoration patch.


As of Hotfix 4, The installer will apply the MSU-1 patch to any unmodded version of the game (US 1.0, 1.1, or JP), BUT it will only let you install the optional components on a US1.0 ROM. The Ted Woolsey patch isn't compatible with the 1.1 or JP ROMs; testing is still required to see if the other 2 optional mods are compatible with a 1.1 or JP ROM, but their installation has been disabled for now to be safe.

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Final Fantasy VI (J) / Final Fantasy III (US) :: Comments


Post on Thu 19 Apr 2018 - 4:12 by edale

So it was brought to Insidious and my attention that Sean Schafianski (SSC option in the installer) actually had a partially completed Disk 2 for his remaster.

The tracks will probably be added with the next hotfix Insidious releases, but in the meanwhile, here they are:!SVYyyCxR!9nb0okEsbo3N0-e-zSd2ynjqs-FcBfFs1yaCkIVhpyQ

In particular the version of Another World of Beasts is amazing.

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Post on Thu 17 May 2018 - 13:10 by

Version 2.01 of Ted's hack is already out. I hope it is integrated soon in the patcher! :-)

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Post on Fri 18 May 2018 - 1:24 by edale wrote:Version 2.01 of Ted's hack is already out. I hope it is integrated soon in the patcher! :-)
I don't know when Insidious will get around to updating it, but that would literally just be swapping out the IPS on the download servers, wouldn't even require a hotfix.

You can manually apply the new version of TWUE by:

Installing Dancing Mad through the installer.
Do not select to install the music player if you want it, we'll do that later.
You can select the Cut Songs Restoration mod if you like.

Now apply the new TWUE patch to the MSU-1 patched ROM.

If you want the Music Player mod as well:
Grab the IPS from there.
mplayer-main-nh.ips for without the Cut Songs Restoration mod.
mplayer-csr-main-nh.ips for with the Cut Songs Restoration mod.
DO NOT use the Music Player patch included with TWUE, it has a compatibility issue with the MSU-1 mod (and there's no CSR version).

The Music Player mod must be applied after TWUE is applied because of an issue with one of the bugfixes (the relevant bugfix will still work after the Music Player mod is applied).

Part of the reason there are so many optional components in the installer is because with some of the patches patching order matters, so automating it simplifies things greatly for the end-user.

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Post on Fri 18 May 2018 - 16:23 by

Thanks! That is what I did and seems to work allright

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Post on Mon 3 Sep 2018 - 21:28 by edale

New update! wrote:
So, I absolutely missed my original deadline of the end of june, by a few months. This is why I don't generally like making deadlines Razz


I am happy to announce the release of
Dancing Mad Final Beta Hotfix Three

There's a *lot* of bug fixes and new stuff in this version, much of which I'm very excited to get into your hands. Here's a summary taken from the Readme for the installer itself:

Fixed Bugs

* A workaround for the issue where the wrong song plays during some of Shadow's cutscenes was implemented. The wrong song may still play for a split second.
* Installer is now usable without manually resizing the window on High DPI systems.
* Patch now uses a more recent version of wla-dx assembler.
* Phantom Train track now behaves correctly, playing train noises until the music is called for.
* Select-a-scenario menu is now properly silent, instead of playing the last song played.
* Patch is now compatible with ExHIROM patches.
* Installer no longer freezes while testing for the status of mirrors.
* Minor packaging fixes.
* Unused files removed from GitHub tree.

New Features

* Dancing Mad MSU-1 now works along with the Brave New World patch (apply after install). Technical details of this support are that state variables had to be moved to a different place in RAM so as not to conflict with BNW's state variables.
* Five different versions of the opera are now available! These include new versions The Black Mages, Distant Worlds concert and More Friends Concert, as well as the existing Game Music Concert 4 and OST versions. See section 2 for details.
* Installer is now capable of previewing songs! Currently support is only enabled for the Opera selections, but once previews are available for all tracks, a "preview" button will be available in the "custom track" selection table.
* Installer now checks for pre-existing PCM files in the install directory. If these are found, they are compared against the files on the server. Upon a match, the download is skipped. This enables updating your version of Dancing Mad or changing your selection of tracks without redownloading a large number of files.
* Sean Schafianski's "Disc 2" tracks now available to be downloaded/installed.
* Installer now outputs a log to dancing-mad-installer.log in your home directory (e.g., C:\Users\yourusername). Please attach this when reporting installer bugs!

And just to update people, here are the still existing known bugs/issues:

* NOT A BUG - On older versions of BSNES and older SD2SNES firmware, area music will restart after battles. Please see the thread on for discussion of this issue. Area music *will* resume on Higan v096 and later, bsnes-plus, snes9x-msu, and latest SD2SNES firmwares, due to updates to the MSU-1 code. I will not workaround nor fix resume support on earlier versions of Higan or BSNES.
* Tracks do not smoothly fade. Implementing this requires precise NMI timing and is a continuing project. Contributions welcome.
* Installer may look strange on High DPI systems (4K displays, 1080p laptops with small screens). It should at the very least be usable now, but for best effect please use the compatibility settings in Windows to set the DancingMadInstaller.exe to System instead of Application scaling.
* Music may revert to SPC after certain scenes. Known scenes mostly involve the Coin Song and the Figaro theme.

One thing I failed to note in the readme is that the latest versions of snes9x support the MSU-1 natively! No more need to download a specific MSU-1 version of Snes9x.


Windows AMD64 (64-bit) (if you're not sure, this is what you want)

Windows i386 (32-bit)


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Post on Tue 4 Sep 2018 - 20:46 by edale

And one more piece of news. Apparently the current code works as-is on the USv1.1 and JP ROMs (we don't know if this holds true for the optional components, but the TWUE mod definitely won't work on anything but the USv1.0 ROM). The installer has been updated to accept all 3 versions of the ROM.

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Post on Sun 30 Dec 2018 - 18:30 by WMJ

My 2 cents.

I've tried the latest patch with the DancingMadInstaller on my SD2SNES but it freezes at the first battle. The MSU-1 battle music plays but the screen stays black. There are 2 battles optional for the first battle but the same thing happens.

Used the USv1.1 version patched with the installer. Also, latest 1.9 SD2SNES Firmware on a Super Famicom.

Anyway, looking forward to this project because it's one of my favorite games Very Happy

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Post on Sun 6 Jan 2019 - 8:32 by Insidious611

The above bug has now been fixed. It was caused by unintentionally allowing users to patch V1.1 or J ROMs with unsupported optional patches (the culprit in particular here is TWUE which is only designed for V1.0 ROMs)

I have tested that the above problem with battles does not happen in 1.1 or J with the current release (Hotfix Four) which prevents installing incompatible patches (at least through the installer).

The following is a crosspost from the qhimm/rhdn threads:

Just released Hotfix Four here (Click here for a direct link to the Windows 64-bit installer).

Fixes issues with 1.1 and Japanese roms, notably that the installer was allowing people to choose optional patches that would not work on these ROMs. The reported bug on 1.1 (freeze during/after battle) not present in testing without a combination of 1.1 and TWUE.

tl;dr: US V1.1 and Japanese ROMs should now work, but will not let you apply incompatible patches.

If you are already using Dancing Mad on a US V1.0 ROM, there is no reason to update.

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