General MSU-1 Discussion

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General MSU-1 Discussion

Post by Conn on Wed 6 Sep 2017 - 18:22

Post questions, update or whatever about msu-1, where you don't think it's worth to open an own topic

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Re: General MSU-1 Discussion

Post by Conn on Thu 7 Sep 2017 - 5:37

I moved Joe and Mac to the database (apparently finished)
(Kurrono, please give some instructions on how to use (headered or non headered US version?)), also a bml in missing in your post (but I don't think this is necessary, I guess higan maybe gets outdated with the more user-friendly snes9x 1.55 for msu1 playing).
However, please edit your first post there with some instructions on which rom to use the ips (header, country).

I also moved PittStone Hyper Street Kart in the Data Base
Since it is apparently finished as well.

That's really great we got so many new msu1 hacks in the last month Very Happy

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Re: General MSU-1 Discussion

Post by Conn on Fri 6 Oct 2017 - 19:06 is back online, and with it all patch download links work again.

It was a network problem and a reboot was necessary.

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Re: General MSU-1 Discussion

Post by Conn on Fri 17 Nov 2017 - 6:34

There have been some issues with linking to the pcm files directly at youtube, it happened to castlevania and MegaMan X3 that the links to the google drive cloud was posted in the comments, and Kurrono got a DMCA.

The reason is that youtube is allowed to let people watch the videos online, but not let the content download for private use. E.g., some youtube-mp3 sites recently had to close.
My best guess is that an algorithm continuing checking the comments, and if a cloud link is present, automatically a DMCA is activated - which probably is in most cases right since the rom or full album to download is linked or something. However, our pcm files are also affected by this algorithm, so please only post the link to zeldix, but not the direct  cloud link.

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Re: General MSU-1 Discussion

Post by kurrono on Fri 17 Nov 2017 - 11:40

Yesterday,i,deleted another post of link to shiryu was ghouls n ghosts from youtube..i know that i wouldn't give links there no more.

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Re: General MSU-1 Discussion

Post by Conn on Fri 5 Jan 2018 - 11:08

I was checking the last game on my list that I consider a must have msu1: Illusion of Gaia.

The implementation of msu1 here is not that easy as in other games but possible, because the tracks are loaded by pointers only (I think each track has an own "music bank"), but I think I can do it with a room table; means make a room table in the patch with the track values that should be there played with msu1.

I have 3 opened projects right now (sma, dkc3, dc), and would start with an implementation when 2 are finished. With all the maintainance and bug fixing, it's not a good idea to have more than 3 projects parallel.
But: to implement it, I'd need some assistance from somebody who "desperately" wants this msu1 implementation. Means: playtesting, making the pcm:s and such... anybody out there?

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Re: General MSU-1 Discussion

Post by alex_com on Sat 6 Jan 2018 - 12:06

Did any of you try to "tackle" Tales of Phantasia or Star Ocean for ms1 audio? Since both have a remastered on ps1 and psp.


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Re: General MSU-1 Discussion

Post by kurrono on Sat 6 Jan 2018 - 15:19

I havent played that game good yo. Find all those songs it need to be checked on hoe many songs it has ..and right now i got to finish sma music to maybe start witj dkc3...this a busy week..everybody has work....maybe soon ..will check

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Re: General MSU-1 Discussion

Post by Conn on Sat 6 Jan 2018 - 19:06

I was checking ToP and SO and must admit, they are not my type of games, and hacking msu requires much playtesting. So sorry I won't be able to help you on these. When it comes to RPG I prefer the direct battle system and not round based.

As for Illusion of Gaia, I am half way through with the code (found a way to mute and hook in the room routine, added a room index to play room-specific tracks, also I was able to map the themes that way).
Problem is that in some cases in the same room another music starts event-based, means I guess I will have to play the game from beginning to end - what sucks!
Ah well, there's no time rush, but this game really is tricky to msu it. I guess I am busy with it the next weeks.

But we all have our projects, Pev is currently hacking another shoot em up, I burdened Kurrono with my projects to make pcm:s (I have little skills only when it comes to pcm:s), so for now I think there is little hope that wishes by third party are fulfilled (like these ToP, SO and I also got one request for Sim City).

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Re: General MSU-1 Discussion

Post by Conn on Mon 8 Jan 2018 - 7:12

Ok I am through with the code for Illusion of Gaia, all works Very Happy
The code was very sophisticated, and hard to implement (also for me).

Only thing I have to do is playing through the game and map the events. I think I will release it in a couple of days. If anybody is interested to create the pcm:s here's the theme list:

Theme List IoG:

; hex dec tag                        loop   youtube
; $00 00 mute                          n
; $01 01 Title                           y
; $02 02 World                         y
; $03 03 Town Theme 1(gulls)    y
; $04 04 Dark Space                  y
; $05 05 Dead Gold Ship             y
; $06 06 Town Theme 2(no gulls) y
; $07 07 Village                          y  
; $08 08 Ankor Wat                    y
; $09 09 Castle                          y
; $0A 10 Dungeon                      y
; $0B 11 Great Wall                   y
; $0C 12 Larai Cliffs                   y
; $0D 13 Meeting Mother           y
; $0E 14 Shipwreck                  y
; $0F 15 Sky Garden                y
; $10 16 Mu                            y
; $11 17 Pyramid                    y
; $12 18 Boss Battle                y
; $13 19 Returned Memory        y
; $14 20 Final Battle                 y

; $15 21 Ending 1                    y
; $16 22 Ending 2                    y

; short SFX-like non-looped themes
; $17 23 Lola's Song               n
; $18 24 Receive Item             n
; $19 25 Temple Song             n
; $2A 26 Transformation          n
; $2B 27 Unknown                  n
; $2C 28 Unused Title             n
; $2D 29 Wind                       n

So just take the dec value, e.g. pyramid is hex $11, dec 17, so your pcm should be:

There are a some remastered tracks on youtube:
.... I hope awesome epic themes to substitute all are found.


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Re: General MSU-1 Discussion

Post by Conn on Fri 2 Feb 2018 - 21:52

Since we are the most complete source for MSU-1 hacking in the web, all links come from various authors and sources, I made some thoughts what would happen if the server is down. It is impossible to gather all links again I guess.

So I decided to make a list. Everybody is welcomed to copy the list to his computer, so the links might never get lost. I do not know yet whether I update the list with every new game/patch update/pcm set update - maybe I do, maybe I update the list in 2 years from scratch. But for now it is good enough Very Happy

Updated Feb/19/18: Rocketeer added

MSU-1 Database: Zelda

The Legend of Zelda - A Link To The Past
PCM and Video:
Original resemblance orchestrated set by TheRetromancer/Qwertymodo
Mirror 1:!AnoZka-iPruQhGsp8oC4Uy4eiLaY
Mirror 2:
Parallel Worlds pcm set by Qwertymodo
ALBW Worlds pcm set by Qwertymodo
Dracula9AntiChapel pcm set by Qwertymodo

The Legend of Zelda - A Link To The Past DX
Mercurial Magic Packs: folder/3s0dxqhmf2ndd#u1cob4s3mc1ji

Bs Zelda - Ancient Stone Tablets: English Dub
- MSU Patch:
- Official Versions:
Conn, Trovsky and Scratcher made some nice pcm files of the original broadcasts. There are two sets to download:
- original spc: this resembles the original broadcast. It is a mix of Koji Kondo's orchestrated CD 1, and the SPC themes from CD 2
- full orchestrated: all SPC themes from CD 2 have been replaced by remastered orchestrated themes
Coose your desired set yourself, you can find the pcm and video files here:

BS Zelda - Ancient Stone Tablets: SPC Replacement
- MSU Patch:
- Official Versions:
Download the pcm files here (ALBW/Parallel Worlds interpretation) by Quertymodo:

BS Zelda - Third Quest
Patch, prepatched version and PCM:s:

BS Zelda - Fourth Quest
Patch, prepatched version and PCM:s:

BS Zelda - Map1: English Dub
- Patch:
- Restoration Version:
Download the pcm:s here:!AnoZka-iPruQhDYL47b30dRcWPQq
GoogleDrive Mirror:

BS Zelda - Map2: English Dub
Restoration Version:
Description: bszelda msu1 hack will resemble original 1 hour playtime each week, so each track will last 1 hour with voice acting

[color=#FF0000]MSU-1 Database: Mega Man[/color]

Mega Man X
PCM set by TheRetromancer:

Mega Man X2
Music reorchestration by Krzysztof Slowikowski:

Mega Man X3
Music files:

Mega Man 7
Music Pack:

Rockman & Forte
Music Pack:

[color=#FF0000]MSU-1 Database: Jump 'n Run[/color]

Super Mario World (native)
PCM set by Kiddo Cabbusses, fixed by Colines:

Super Mario World MSU+
Download pcm:s by Colines and Kiddo Cabusses:
For Development Purposes:!AtMUCmAL6x14hVmyYk0PYUmcguvk

Super Mario Allstars
Download v3 sd2snes buzz fix:
PCM set by Kurrono v3 (added theme 43):
PCM set by Enmet v2 (corrected by pepillopev):

Super Mario World 2
Patch (v15: probably higan fixed):
Enmet's PCM Set (v2):
Version 2 with ending split
daniloroxette's PCM Set (v2):

Super Mario Odyssey MSU-1

Donkey Kong Country 1
IPS Patch:
Mercurial Magic Pack:
PCM packs:
DKC - Original Resemblance by Qwertymodo:
DKC - Dubstep Mix by PittStone:
DKC - Kremlings Revenge Remodel by PittStone:
DKC - Kremlings Revenge Remodel (Mirror):!v80DRbwJ!NNkae4_4KoUA7knwd-u4sM2lOUMV32fNPGPV41s7rTs
DKC - EPIC by PittStone:
DKC - Chill Out Zones by PittStone:
DKC - Cool Mix by PittStone:
DKC - JAZZ by PittStone:
Donkey Kong Country Retro-Wave:

Donkey Kong Country 2
Download (patch and pcms):
PCM:s only:
Patch only:

Donkey Kong Country 3
Orchestrated PCM Set by daniloroxette:
OC Remix album PCM Set by daniloroxette:
SPC "Real" PCM Set by daniloroxette:

Aladdin MSU
PepilloPEV/Kurrono patch v1.1
Kurrono PCM set v1.1:

Joe and Mac
Patch and pcm download link:

Flashback MSU1

MSU-1 Database: Jump 'n Gun

ActRaiser MSU-1
Music Pack:
Shiryu's music packs:
Chiptune Faith:
Orchestral Faith:
Synthesizer Faith:

Super Metroid
Blake Robinson:
Metroid Metal:

The Rocketeer

Mystical Ninja MSU
Kurrono/Conn MSU patch v1:
Kurrono PCM set v1:

Toy Story MSU1
PepilloPEV/Conn's patch v1.0b5:
enmet's PC RedBook Audio v2 and Sega Genesis PCM set:

Super Adventure Island MSU1
PepilloPEV MSU1 patch v1.2 Final (Fingers crossed):
Kurrono PCM set:

Home Alone
Patch and Pcms:

Super Castlevania IV
Download Patch:
Pcm set by Kurrono, remastered tracks composed by Jorge Fuentes:

Castlevania Dracula X
Patch by Conn (v1.5: sd2snes fix):
PepilloPEV PCM set:
Relikk PCM set:
Kurrono PCM set:

Wolfchild MSU1
PepilloPEV MSU1 v1.2 FINAL patch:
PepilloPEV PCM v1.2 FINAL set:

Super Ghouls n Ghost
Download Patch (update 19th Nov, restoration bug fix):
PCM set by Kurrono: (fixed by Señor Ventura) (original)
PCM set by ArcadeTV

Contra III The Alien Wars
PepilloPEV MSU1 patch:
PepilloPEV PCM set:

Super Turrican
Music Pack:
Old (original):

MSU-1 Database: Racing

Top Gear 1
Music Pack by Kurrono:
Music Pack by fullgamezone:

Top Gear 2
Music Pack v2 by fullgamezone:
Music Pack by Shiryu:

Top Gear 3000
Download Patch (update 18th October: sd2snes fix):

F-Zero MSU1
PCM Sets:!AtMUCmAL6x14hQ27EbkbRa8bkN45
PCM sets by Shiryu:
The 8-bit Suite:
Age of SNES:
Age of N64:
Age of GBA:

BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2
Download the hack here:
PCM:s made by Colines!AtMUCmAL6x14hQ27EbkbRa8bkN45

Super Mario Kart
Mercurial Magic:
Patch file 1.2, xml, manifest.bml (without renaming tracks or anything):
(for the non-mercurial magic pcm files)
Alternative PCM packs by PittStone:
The OneUps
Paulygon Remixes:
Remastered Remixes:

Hyper Street Kart & Super Spongebob Kart MSU-1
Hyper Street Kart
1. First patch with Beat bps your Original "Super Mario Kart" (U) Rom with the MSU-1 Patch:
2. Than Patch it again with the "Hyper Street Kart" Hack:
3. Download the .pcm files:
4. Put the Patched Game in the Directory to the .pcm files
Super Spongebob Kart
1.  Super Mario Kart (U) [!] with Header.
2.  Use Header remover wsb-sfcr2 "snesROMUtil" to make a "Super Mario Kart (U) [!]_noheader"
3.  Use beat bps to make the MSU Version "Super Mario Kart (U) [!]_noheader-msu"
4.  Use "header remover wsb-sfcr2" and select "IPS Patch"and patch
  Answere the Message "is for this patch a headerd Rom required?" with "YES"
    and save it to "Super Spongebob Kart -MSU-"
5.  Put the Game and additional files (.msu / .xml / .bml) in one Folder with the .pcm files.
6.  Download the Super Spongebob Kart pcm:s
7. Put the Patched Game in the Directory to the .pcm files

Rock n' Roll Racing
With voice:
Fixed by FullgameZone: file/1klil307d1o5031/Rock+N+Roll+Racing+CD+-+MSU-1+-+FullGameZone.rar
No voice:

Super Road Blaster

MSU-1 Database: RPG

Illusion of Gaia/Time MSU-1
PCM:s by daniloroxette:
Orchestrated theme Mix:
Remastered themes by thepsynergist

Secret of Mana
PCM by DarkShock:
PCM by fullgamezone:

Secret of Mana 2 / Seiken Densetsu 3
PCM Set by RedScorpion:

Final Fantasy 3 Dancing Mad
Dancing Mad Final Beta (installer by Insidious611):
Optional Cut Songs Restoration by Edale:!PJZg1IRb!kS3ECIgKhAkc-qHWkVGRAg
Original Thread/Installer:
Optional FFVI Music Player by Madsiur!3UR0nShJ!6V6FlV9kgMGIztJ5oGjS8C1QoojhaOrxtdtqZzP5crM

Secret of Evermore MSU
Patch (v3, 30th November 2017, sd2snes/bsnes fix)
Optional 13 remastered PCM:s by Sean Schafianski

Chrono Trigger
PCM (Dracula9AntiChapel):
Audio Tool:

Terranigma MSU-1 - PAL and NTSC
PCM Pack:
Terrangima_Arranged Soundfiles from OST Pack:

MSU-1 Database: Beat 'em up

Killer Instinct:
PCM set:!Ah8ksmUOX0QQiERhDlDHZ_wcVDnc

Street Fighter 2 Turbo MSU Hack
Patch v5 (fixed bonusgame and intro):
PCM Sets:
Arcade PCM:s
Fixed by Relikk:!E3IlwC7Q!kd8ns2af-w8ffFPeb4WyX1UT6Im1IyDptgdm9lrPMkk
Original by RedScropion:
HDRemix PCM:s files by PittStone

Street Fighter 2 Turbo MSU-1 heady damage themes
Patch file (features Turbo v1.0 and rev v1.1):
Complete pcm themes by Relikk:!E3IlwC7Q!kd8ns2af-w8ffFPeb4WyX1UT6Im1IyDptgdm9lrPMkk
pcm files from number 50=ryu until 61=dictator.!Ah8ksmUOX0QQiDfjZDI4xa1fu5gI

Street Fighter 2 The New Challengers MSU Hack
Patch v5 (fixed bonusgame and intro):
PCM Sets:
Arcade PCM:s
Fixed by Relikk:!djxHUBZY!5W5CYdVlb99p28deWEofOBQI_JWqkT4TOE1CaraVx40
Original by RedScropion
HDRemix PCM:s files by PittStone
3DO/Arranged PCM:s by Relikk (John Sheppard)!NvBTSKqa!8yhXWVOfcWuZ4ALez1Av0Ban5VIuWf6GatvT3_oUoKA

Final Fight
Final Fight MSU1 patch (Cody, Guy, and Jap-Guy versions):
PepilloPEV/JSheppard PCM sets:

Final Fight 2 MSU
Kurrono-PepilloPEV msu patch v1.1:
Kurrono PCM set v1.0:

Rushing Beat & Rival Turf
Patch here:

TMNT IV: Turtle in Time
Music Pack (rev 2/8/18 by Colines):

The Death and Return of Superman
Patch link (v3, 4th november 2017):
Pcms link:


Ultraman (Japan)
Msu1 Patch:

Power Moves
Patch :

MSU-1 Database: Shoot 'em up

Darius Twin MSU1
MSU1 Patch v1.2 (PepilloPEV/Conn):
PCM 'Darius Burst' set ver3 (PepilloPEV):

Gradius III MSU1
Conn MSU1 patch v1.4b:
PepilloPEV PCM set:
Kurrono PCM set:
Relikk Arcade PCM set:!cyhGXA5Q!rIHqoxdczZ6Nn_kl6JfGxVBVhBEBhg09BFrJiD6sXeI

Super R-Type MSU1
PepilloPEV MSU1 Patch:
FullGameZone (R-Type Dimensions) PCM set:

UN Squadron MSU1
Link to PepilloPEV's MSU1 patch below:
Link to Kurrono's Custom PCM set below:
Link to Relikk's Arcade PCM FINAL set below:

MSU-1 Database: Simulation

SimCity MSU1
PepilloPEV msu patch v1.1:
FullGameZone/CarFlightGames PCM set:


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Re: General MSU-1 Discussion

Post by Relikk on Sat 3 Feb 2018 - 5:41

Hi Conn,

The link for my SF2' Turbo PCM's is out of date since the heavy damage patch as I just put everything in one zip.!E3IlwC7Q!kd8ns2af-w8ffFPeb4WyX1UT6Im1IyDptgdm9lrPMkk

You can edit the code if you like with that (also both articles related to the SF2' Turbo hacks).

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Re: General MSU-1 Discussion

Post by Conn on Sat 3 Feb 2018 - 6:45

Done, thanks for the info Very Happy

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Re: General MSU-1 Discussion

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