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Post by fullgamezone on Sat 10 Feb 2018 - 20:17

Out of This World - MSU-1 ?

I have no time to do the songs * .PCM
Here some links to whoever wants to make this project edit in the best possible way

1 - Enter this video in the game introduction

2 - Sound Track completa original
Tracklist: 0:00 - Title Screen 1:21 - In Trouble 2:56 - Waking Up 3:19 - Fallen Cage 3:22 - Safe 5:27 - Cave 7:09 - Ending 9:31 - Death (Short) 9:35 - Death (Long) 9:43 - Quiet (Unused)

We see that the tracklist is small, that is, the game has few songs.
But the other versions like 3DO, SEGA CD, REMASTERED 20 YEARS have several songs.

3 - Placing the Link of the versions of:


Another World 20 anniversary

It remains the option of the person who wants to make this ROM HACK choose the best options.

Good luck to anyone who wants to do this project.
Thank you

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