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Killer Instinct MSU-1 - Page 4 Empty Killer Instinct MSU-1

It has some arcade tracks, some from Killer Cuts and some Graeme Norgate remastered.

Apply on headerless rom US 1.1

IPS patch v2:

Now works at sd2snes.

PCM tracks:!Ah8ksmUOX0QQiERhDlDHZ_wcVDnc

A big thanks to Mattrizzle for explaining the dkc2 patch.
Thanks to Conn for helping for the sd2snes code.

Msu patch v2.0
What i would like to add in later versions (but i don't know if i can) from easiest to harder:
*Character portraits on char select screen, taken from arcade.
*Transparent cinder
*Co-co-co-co-co-combo breaker sfx instead of Co-co-co-co-combo breaker (like the arcade. Spc hacking. Sfx is 26
*One "combo breaker" sfx on vs screen (like the arcade).
*Heartbeat sound from spc every second decrease, like the arcade. Spc hacking.
*Different fatality sound for each character depending on fatality, like the arcade.
*Shadow position like the arcade.
*Slower end credits screen (to match the arcade duration).
*Black background for end credits like the arcade. Ki logo (bg1) appear when the guitar loop begins
*End credits add fmv to bg layer (like
*Intro fmv with ultra64 logo etc taken from the arcade.
*Ending videos.
*Character bio videos.
*Vs screen videos.
*Character select 360 sprites from arcade (stream tiles with msu-1).
*Press key at character ladder, skips vs screen (like the arcade)
*Show the "enter initials screen" without switching current screen (like the arcade)

Optional mini patches from the above list:!Ah8ksmUOX0QQiHSDg2jevDlWo1yz

Various WIP screenshots included in this folder.
*Press a key on character ladder skips to battle, like the arcade.
*Skip fade in and fade out at character select/ladder screen, like the arcade.
*Upgraded end credits to look more arcade.
*Better combo breaker sfx in battle mimic the arcade.
*Eyedol bridge stage has Cinder music (like the arcade).
*Character select the p1 square is Red and p2 is green (like the arcade). Also
char selection start from TJ combo instead of jago (like the arcade).
*Spinal skulls correct position v1.0 (like the arcade).
*Lower Y position "Ready".
*Character select countdown counter fixes (look like the arcade).

This hack took me 3 years and countless hours after midnight (because of dayjob) watching other ips patches and trying to learn assembly. If you like it you can donate any tip you want, even $1 at paypal

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Since : 2015-05-13

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Post on Fri 13 Jul 2018 - 23:26 by Polargames


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Post on Fri 13 Jul 2018 - 23:45 by kurrono

Hey Polar u making history today with all those cd covers ... great job,man Very Happy

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Post on Sat 14 Jul 2018 - 3:00 by Polargames

kurrono wrote:Hey Polar u making history today with all those cd covers ... great job,man Very Happy

Thank You very much Very Happy, I still have a lot more to do. I got board one day and hunted down every cover art I could for the msu1 games. I am happy to have google on my side lol Smile

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