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Patch v2 (by neodev)    [Patch Backup Link]

Audio Packs:
Original Instrumentals WAV & CUE pack (by Relikk)

MJ Sonic 3 WAV & CUE pack (by Teenage Fansub)

Original Vocal Version WAV & CUE pack (by TwinFami)

Alternate Vocal Version (Thriller) WAV & CUE pack (by TwinFami)

Notes: The instrumentals audio pack includes the original 5 songs only, in instrumental format, from the original retail release of the game.

- Smooth Criminal
- Beat it
- Another Part Of Me
- Billie Jean
- Bad

In the prototype, Thriller was included and used as the music for the "Woods" stage. There is a folder called "Thriller" in the audio pack, and this is for anyone that wants to substitute Another Part Of Me (the track that is used in the original game as the music for the "Woods" stage) with Thriller. Just exchange the relevant WAV and CUE files for your desired version.

This patch is optimised for the upcoming v1.04 firmware that includes track fading and track looping. The patch will still work on the current 1.03 firmware, but it will be missing those features until the new firmware is released and your MegaSD cartridge is updated.

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Post on Sat 8 Feb 2020 - 19:50 by Relikk

It could be the directory cache issue that Torgo mentioned a few posts up. I can't remember if there's an option to manually re-scan in the MegaSD options (there might be), but you can delete those cache files off your SD card for the directory where the game is located. Pop your SD card back in to your MegaSD and it should scan again and the game should show and work as intended.

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Post on Sun 9 Feb 2020 - 5:45 by fthc

I did the following, downloaded the game here on the website and then put it on the sd card, but when I turn on the megasd on the mega drive it appears the bios of the sega cd, but only the option to choose music, I also find it strange that the files downloaded here the website has .wav and .cue files but does not have .iso

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Post on Sun 9 Feb 2020 - 5:49 by Relikk

You don't need an ISO. It's not a CD image. You only need the patched ROM, the CUE and WAV files in the game folder.

Delete the "dircache.msd" file from your SD card where your MD+ games are stored and let the MegaSD re-scan the directory when you enter it again.

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Post on Sun 9 Feb 2020 - 5:58 by fthc

in this case I did not know about this fix, I have several Michael Jackson ROMs on my sd, how to fix these ROM ?? or already have it ready somewhere to download ???

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Post on Mon 10 Feb 2020 - 9:17 by Relikk

No, I'm afraid we're not allowed to link to ROMs.

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