The All-in patch

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The All-in patch

With all the hacks we have implemented in the past, I thought it would be a great help to offer a ips officially where most stuff is already applied. This hack will be updated with new innovations.
You can use it as a base to tinker with HM (only small adjustments were made in Link's house, a water tile modified to demonstrate icerod freeze and a superbombable wall placed (see attached word file).

Download (IPS PATCH)
I added a word document with the hacks.
Preapplied are (with gfx):
- 24 items menu by Euclid
- destroy pots with L2-L4 swords
- freeze water with icerod and waterblocks
- unlimited block move with titan mitts
- direction change when running with Pegasus Boots
- shovel in empty gap in 24 items menu
- dig random treasures (default -0e/fd86:d9 d9 dc df: 1rupee, 1ruppee, 1bomb, small magic)
- Kholdstare Melting Shell Restoration by MoN
- goldstar, forceboomerang, worn-out glove, nimbus, 4 digit rupee, second magic meter, suberbomb, fairy flippers
- feather with no bombjump
- goldpotion
- hand combat
- warp away palace guards with book mudora
- final screen
- L4 shield
- Slingshot
- Fairy Flippers useable on Overworld
- Superbomb useable in Dungeons
- Turbo (spin2 from small fairy) and Hurricane Spin (spin3 from witch)
- Superlamp to burn enemies with lantern
- fairyflipper fix when dying underwater
- fairyflipper fix when diving on overworld and Magic cape equipped
- stun soldiers and other enemies with net
- cancel flute transport with A and B when on the map
- added playtime Counter
- added msu enable hack
- monologues can be skipped by pressing the R-button
- end screen
- The flute will make invisible platforms visible in dungeons similar to lightening a torch (or using ether). But this costs magic!
 - update The L2 flute (bird enabled) has a different color and monolgue (if you get it out of a chest).
- update Also this code turns your rom into fastrom (initial code by wiiqwertyuiop) to prevent slowdowns
- update added bunny hood asm to increase speed with a certain item
Not part:
- single codes (check end of attached word file)
- specific asms (super-bombable walls, srm startup modifier)
- Transfer sprites
- Can not move when holding sword
- Play custom music
- Lens of Truth
- locations of Heart Containers to dig up

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The All-in patch :: Comments


Post on Mon 2 Nov 2015 - 12:02 by Conn

Compatibility List:
These hacks are not part but 100% compatible:

Super bombable walls:
You need to specify the areas where superbombs are needed to blow up a cave
; This asm is for making more walls superbomb-able only
; WRITTEN: by Conn
; THANKS TO: -MathOnNapkins' Zelda Doc's

; You can only make screens normal-bombable / superbombable
; this asm can add screens where super-bombs are required to open the wall
; make a normal bombable wall (item 86-bombable) and adjust the screen whether a superbomb is required
; the asm contains 3 screens (two are disabled by ";" semicolons, if you need more
; simply copy/paste the cmp #$screen/bne/jmp routine for as many screens as you need  


ORG $1bc90d      ; go to the code that handles hammer-destroyable objects
JMP $b790        ; insert a jump to unused space

org $1bb790      ; go to unused space
cmp #$005b      ; check screen1 - pyramid of power (screen 005b)
bne $03          ; if it is run superbomb check; else check screen 2
jmp $c912        

;cmp #$0037      ; check screen2 - remove semicolons and give another screen
;bne $03          ; if it is run superbomb check; else check screen 3
;jmp $c912        

;cmp #$005b      ; check screen3 - remove semicolons and give another screen
;bne $03          ; if it is run superbomb check; else jump to normal bomb routine
;jmp $c912      

jmp $c91e        ; normal bomb routine.

Bunny Hood asm:
Increase your speed in dependence of an item in inventory/equipped item/L,R button pressed

Change the random treasurs and dig up Heart Containers:
!Read the tutorial in

Bushes not liftable before gloves, but you can cut them with sword:
Use this code to block pathes at the start of your game, so you first need to find the sword to get through.

Boss Introduction message

SRM startup modifier:
Use this code to start with different settings (part, have items, etc.)

Also check whether you need some single byte changes:

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Post on Sun 24 Apr 2016 - 16:40 by MysticalOS

Been experimenting with the all on one on a vanilla rom and found some bugs I'm not sure how to fix. When using the bottle to capture a faerie, link gets stuck in capture mode and cannot access items, move, or stop swinging net. He's just stuck.
When Getting Titan mitt from 4th dungeon in dark world, it doesn't actually upgrade the worn out glove at all. It shows new icon on status screen but still behaves exactly like worn out glove. In an attempt to fix it by refreshing it, I threw it in a faerie pool and the faerie didn't actually give the titan mitt back, she gave the worn out glove back instead because icon even reverted to old art.

these are only issues I noticed so far. I'm trying to perfect a vanilla LTTP with no real alterations to the game besides all these wonderful enhancements but just have to work out these quirks.

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Post on Mon 25 Apr 2016 - 3:14 by Conn

I can neither confirm the catch fairy nor the worn-out glove bug -> but I tested the latter on overworld only so far.

Did you upgrade from worn-out to titan-mitt or power glove to titan mitt? I can confirm that the fairy will give you the worn-out back after throwing the silver glove into the pond (golden worked for me though). This I can fix since reproducible by me. For the other bugs I'd need two savestates (snes 1.51) from you (right before you catch the fairy and where you cannot lift a second stone), or a at least description where it happened and what I must do to reproduce.

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Post on Mon 25 Apr 2016 - 4:47 by MysticalOS

Went from worn glove straight to titan mitt. no power glove. I had just completed 4th dungeon in dark world and gotten the mitt from the chest and when i left dungeon I found i still could only lift one white rock, and could not lift any black rocks, it basically treated titan mitt like a worn out glove, probably because skipped power glove.

the catch fairy bug was weird because i did not get it at all near beginning of play, but using the faeries inside the cave next to dark world links house those faeries in there always triggered the freeze/net swing loop. I am going to test some more random theories though. like whether or not it mattered that I had 3 bottles, with first and 3rd empty and 2nd (one in middle) had a faerie in it already. Using either bottle 3 or 1 to capture triggered loop. Could be something random like that.

I'll have to generate some new saved states later this week because I already lost the ones I had. I'll be very busy with work tomorrow and tuesday and won't have time to play up to that point again until wed or later. I'm happy to do anything to trouble shoot though.

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Post on Mon 25 Apr 2016 - 8:23 by Conn

No rush, I also am quite busy these days. I try to reproduce your bugs, my best guess is that you need to get the l2 glove prior to l3, which actually should be concepted via HM. But I'll try to fix it independently from this along with the other 2 bugs found as soon I have free time. Today my free time is preserved for got, s6 though :p

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Post on Mon 25 Apr 2016 - 17:18 by Conn

All right, I fixed the glove:
- now when you get the titan mitt, you have the titan mitt, independent of your previous glove
- you cannot throw any glove in the pond anymore, thus you ain't lose it

I tried hard to reproduce the fairy catching bug and failed. There are ghost bugs... some occur only under very strange circumstances and appear thus to be random. As long as I do not know the exact trigger (snes 1.51 savestate so I can trace it), I have no chance to fix.

Anyways, redownload the all-in (or complete items) to see the glove fixed Smile

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Post on Mon 25 Apr 2016 - 17:30 by MysticalOS

Oh don't worry I'm going to solve that puzzle. I will find exact cause and give a state for you Smile

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Post on Mon 25 Apr 2016 - 17:33 by Conn

Must be snes9x 1.51, as I can only trace with Geiger debugger... I think savestates of later versions are incompatible.

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Post on Mon 25 Apr 2016 - 17:38 by MysticalOS

I'm using an emulator based on snes core, that count?
EDIT, i wasn't able to reproduce the bug now. Whatever specific elements combined to make it happen, I've broken them and now bottles work again. DOH

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Post on Tue 26 Apr 2016 - 6:36 by Conn

I've fixed the same bug some months ago; it is possible that some circumstances lead to reproducing the bug, but I'd not know which. Well, guess we must live with it for now. It can be all possible causes, like using an item, walking against a wall, weired frame timed stuff...
In case you can reproduce I definitively need a snes9x savestate or a detailled description of the trigger.

How do you play the game? Did you set some chests via HM to give you the new items, do you use my attached srm, or do you play it "normal" and just get the items which appear in native alttp, too?

Edit: the ram in question is $037a . if this isn't reset (#$00) Link is captured in it's net swinging procedure.

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Post on Sun 7 Aug 2016 - 7:12 by BlueAuraEX

Just wanted to know, since it's been something I've wanted for a while but can't seem to find; Is there any IPS that adds "just" the 4-digit rupees?

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Post on Fri 6 Oct 2017 - 17:04 by smashbro596

download link isnt working. care to reupload?

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Post on Fri 6 Oct 2017 - 17:53 by Puzzledude

smashbro596 wrote:download link isnt working. care to reupload?
No need, seems like BS site experienced a short "plug-out", probably due to maintenance.

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Post on Fri 6 Oct 2017 - 18:22 by smashbro596

Puzzledude wrote:
smashbro596 wrote:download link isnt working. care to reupload?
No need, seems like BS site experienced a short "plug-out", probably due to maintenance.
thank you! all working again. ^W^

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