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With all the hacks we have implemented in the past, I thought it would be a great help to offer a ips officially where most stuff is already applied. This hack will be updated with new innovations.
You can use it as a base to tinker with HM (only small adjustments were made in Link's house, a water tile modified to demonstrate icerod freeze and a superbombable wall placed (see attached word file).

Download (IPS PATCH)
I added a word document with the hacks.
Preapplied are (with gfx):
- 24 items menu by Euclid
- destroy pots with L2-L4 swords
- freeze water with icerod and waterblocks
- unlimited block move with titan mitts
- direction change when running with Pegasus Boots
- shovel in empty gap in 24 items menu
- dig random treasures (default -0e/fd86:d9 d9 dc df: 1rupee, 1ruppee, 1bomb, small magic)
- Kholdstare Melting Shell Restoration by MoN
- goldstar, forceboomerang, worn-out glove, nimbus, 4 digit rupee, second magic meter, suberbomb, fairy flippers
- feather with no bombjump
- goldpotion
- hand combat
- warp away palace guards with book mudora
- final screen
- L4 shield
- Slingshot
- Fairy Flippers useable on Overworld
- Superbomb useable in Dungeons
- Turbo (spin2 from small fairy) and Hurricane Spin (spin3 from witch)
- Superlamp to burn enemies with lantern
- fairyflipper fix when dying underwater
- fairyflipper fix when diving on overworld and Magic cape equipped
- stun soldiers and other enemies with net
- cancel flute transport with A and B when on the map
- added playtime Counter
- added msu enable hack
- monologues can be skipped by pressing the R-button
- end screen
- The flute will make invisible platforms visible in dungeons similar to lightening a torch (or using ether). But this costs magic!
 - update The L2 flute (bird enabled) has a different color and monolgue (if you get it out of a chest).
- update Also this code turns your rom into fastrom (initial code by wiiqwertyuiop) to prevent slowdowns
- update added bunny hood asm to increase speed with a certain item
Not part:
- single codes (check end of attached word file)
- specific asms (super-bombable walls, srm startup modifier)
- Transfer sprites
- Can not move when holding sword
- Play custom music
- Lens of Truth
- locations of Heart Containers to dig up

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The All-in patch :: Comments


Post on Tue 18 Dec 2018 - 18:05 by WishingStar069

Does anybody know of a tutorial on how to make these game patches? It'd be pretty neat to learn how to do this myself

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Post on Tue 18 Dec 2018 - 21:24 by Conn

Yes I'll give it a try, thanks for the help. I'm gonna use the virtual console and see if restoring the previous save will work. If it still does it I'll try it again on the emulator, if it does work I'll let ya know lickidy split.
Sounds great Smile my fixed is based on the assumption that 04ab is written to somehow, but I spent 3 hours yesterday to find out how this could happen. But if you play on emu and cheat with e.g., 7e04ab-01, you have the effect you describe. So this is my "good guess".

Does anybody know of a tutorial on how to make these game patches? It'd be pretty neat to learn how to do this myself
This is highly logical, mathematical and for most people boring to look into trace logs why the game crashes. I once made this tutorial:

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Post on Wed 19 Dec 2018 - 4:53 by Puzzledude

I see your argument but I've already used this code, and when you do it just warps you back to the other world
Yes, and if you do it on the correct spot on the light world, you will end up in the area of the dark world where you should not be and can walk out of the screen which is on the edge of the map (and thus make a infinite scroll bug).

However the authors made sure this can not happen if warping from dark to light world. Thus from light to dark was limited to the warps only.

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