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Post by moegami on Tue 23 Dec 2014 - 3:16


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Post by Trovsky on Tue 23 Dec 2014 - 4:04

I've never been down the road of substance abuse but I did have anxiety attacks in the past, I still use medication from my doctor which helps. I do not think less of you but think more of you for reaching out to somebody. It always helps to talk to someone when you feel and it is always okay to cry; even if "it's not manly to do it", it is the healthiest option as opposed to holding it in.

Substance abuse is bad; I don't even drink coffee because I heard that's even addicting. After trying a prescribed medication from my doctor and having suicidal thought at a very young age, the usage of drugs became a very serious to me. At this day and age, a plethora of harmful illegal drugs is more accessible than ever. Coming from a person who has never experienced addiction, I cannot provide much tips except for "QUIT NOW". Your life will greatly improve. I can say that your anxiety attacks will get better.

I will leave you with a little YouTube animation that expresses the situation of drug addiction.

And when you are sad I highly recommend NOT listening to sad music. By listening to sad music, you are trying to remain in the state of sadness. If you want to be a little bit happier, listen to something upbeat, like this:


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Post by Erockbrox on Tue 23 Dec 2014 - 5:14

You just have to seriously belief in yourself and give yourself a confidence boost!

Right now you are using a deku stick. Throw that stick away and pick up that Master Sword and hold it in the air.

Anxiety is not easy to overcome, but you have to become strong enough to not let it get you. Just think if you were to fight Gannon with the Level 1 sword and no magic, you might have a panic attack because you are not prepared. However if you train and level up and gain lots of abilities and prepare yourself now you are going against Gannon with full magic and silver arrows! Now Gannon is toast.

In order words, try and be as prepared as you can so that you are not in a situation where panic stuff can happen. Plan everything out and try and make the best decisions that you can.

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