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The Legend of Zelda - DX Dxzeld10
Latest version: 1.2
Original file to patch to: Original, unheadered, unexpanded ROM (US)

This is a collection of existing patches compiled all into one, much like the All-In patch, but instead of showcasing existing hacks for people to use in their own patches, this is aimed at putting together improvements to the original game that improve the experience without fundamentally altering the game.  The same game you know and love, only better(tm) Wink For that reason, there are no new items, and item modifications like multi-push blocks, which could break puzzles, are omitted.  If anybody can suggest any other patches that could be included here, I'll be sure to add them.  Most of these patches are originally written by Conn.

Game Improvements
-All new, CD-quality soundtrack (MSU-1)
-Improved Pegasus boots, turn while running
-Break pots with sword (L2 or higher)
-Collect items with sword
-Selecting Save and Quit no longer counts as a death in the final tally
-Cancel flute transport with B

Bug Fixes
-Kholdstare shell fade fix
-Mothula invulnerability fix
-Bunny glove palette fix
-Shield palette fix
-Flickering fix
-Cane of Somaria glitch fix
-Magic cape grab disable

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Post on Wed 11 Jan 2017 - 2:44 by qwertymodo

Updated to v1.6, added L/R item switch, and Pegasus Boots work properly on stairs now. Also, fixed the bug with the locked door in the Swamp Palace. Also, the RHDN project page is probably a better download link:

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