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Native Chrono Trigger

Description: Not only does this hack replace all of the in-game music with high quality orchestrated versions, it also supports all of the anime cutscenes from the PSX version.  Work is still ongoing to improve the video quality, as well as to fix any remaining bugs in the audio code, but a final release should be available eventually.

Audio Notes: This hack originally used the Chrono Trigger Symphony album by Blake Robinson.  This 3-part album is not free, but is available for purchase here.  Upon purchase, the FLAC files can be converted to MSU-1 .pcm files using this tool and this config file.  See the usage instructions provided below.

An alternative audio pack has been graciously provided for free by Youtube user Dracula9AntiChapel, and it can be downloaded here:


Chrono Trigger Plus
Patch by ThegreatBen:

Missing tracks by edale:!mNAX2ApQ!A_agtCA158jVJXOQ1mOBeJwuPW0aSuOeIgxFiiKe_-8
This pack contains two restored cut themes that are not used in the the normal set, so you also need to download the normal pcm set

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Chrono Trigger :: Comments


Post on Sun 29 Jul 2018 - 16:57 by Relikk

No worries. Glad it's sorted.

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Post on Thu 5 Sep 2019 - 19:28 by psalmsamuel

MSU-1 support added to this hack (recent)

but stop the records from playing

1. In the base hack Haste is full party, Lavos shell was slightly
2. Haste, Protect and Magic Wall now target whole party
3. Levels gained quicker overall

Unfortunately as good as it is to see some, not much, developer content that was axed back into the game .................... its just too super easy overall, and trashy.

sometimes this is good sometimes bad............puts people in the right direction though. (like that mod, chrono trigger flames of eternity ........... good quality just abandoned it seems).

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Post on Sun 8 Sep 2019 - 21:38 by Polargames

Has anyone been able to get the FMV's to work. For some reason I cannot get them to work for me?

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