Battletoads and Double Dragon MSU1

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Battletoads and Double Dragon MSU1

Post by GinBunBun on Thu 6 Aug 2015 - 17:00

I found a soundtrack for Battletoads and Double dragon that features all the music from the game someone did. It features great arrangements and would fit the game greatly. I also got permission from the creator to use his music. I already put this in the request section but I just wanted someone with the expertise to just take a look at the songs and tell me what they think. I am not an experienced hacker, coder, what ever it is to make an msu1 patch. I tried looking into it my self even watching the top gear 2 how to videos but I just don't what I'm doing. Maybe I'm just an idiot lol I don't know but anyway this is where you find the tracks already converted to 16 bit PCM WAV format. If any of you awesome talented MSU1 guys wanna do it awesome if not thanks anyway.
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