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  • 20180501
    Exactly what it sounds like... I was just experimenting with editing SNES graphics and made this for practice. If anyone ever wants to alter/improve it or use it in a hack/Zelda Classic game/etc, go right ahead, credit is nice but I really just want to see what you've made  Smile

    by Nocturnesthesia - Comments: 8 - Views: 2104
  • 20140318
    Author: «•CRIMSON•»
    Information: Sprite hack that changes Link into princess Zelda!

    Latest version: 1.0

    by Founder - Comments: 2 - Views: 2204
  • 20180902
    First attempt at a custom sprite.  Zelda's body, by CRIMSON, as per this post, recoloured and with minor tweaks.  Head/hair started out as that of Alya from Chrono Trigger, though quite a lot of redrawing got done there.

    Still tinkering with it, so if you have any critiques, lemme know.

    by LeviKornelsen - Comments: 0 - Views: 421
  • 20170527
    A "link pink be gone" suggestion

    A lot of the time Link's hair gets changed to blonde or brown or whatever. After looking at the official art, I felt that maybe Nintendo intended on Link's hair being "orange" but maybe mixed up the palette.
    So I altered Link's.... pixels? to better match this art:

    Crucify me if you must.
    I shall go back to hiding now.

    Edit: Also, I forgot to mention, this isn't meant to be some majestic...

    by kingcj1994 - Comments: 10 - Views: 1158
  • 20180315

    Seems like there's some confusion regarding the Minish Link and Minish Zelda sprite hacks.

    So here are all versions of them with correct credits.


    Initial gfx edits were all made by Ghillie, but there were some faults, and moegami corrected some pals, later I corrected some gfx hand-drawings which were from the old sprite and this is that version:

    by Puzzledude - Comments: 2 - Views: 963
  • 20150930

    I'm releasing these here since ghillie planned to release it himself three years ago anyway and I've last talked to him about a year ago he was fine with other people using the sprite in their hacks. So far only moegami and I use it, but I'm sure others could aswell as long as they give full credit to ghillie.

    Also feel free, if you're a spriter that is, to improve the sprite if you'd like. I know ghillie had trouble identifying a few frames within the...

    by Founder - Comments: 18 - Views: 2085
  • 20160127
    Authors: હેદρમ, Charmander106 and NinjaGamer
    Replaces the main protagonist in the game with princess Zelda as she appeared in Minish Cap. 

    Comes with three unique tunic colors:

    Pink replaces the default green one and the others remain the blue and red ones!

    Enjoy!!  Blue1


    by Founder - Comments: 2 - Views: 1330
  • 20140318
    Author: Beneficii
    Information: Sprite hack
    Screenshots: N/A
    Latest version: 1.0

    by Founder - Comments: 2 - Views: 2928
  • 20151018
    Helps you edit the main character graphics
    Frame/Tile Identification patch

    I made this for myself, but figured others could use it if they found themselves in the same shoes as me.

    Some of you may be wondering what this is for. I will tell you.

    Since my hack will feature new main character sprites but will NOT feature all of items and scenarios from the original game, I am using this hack to identify which of Link's GFX tiles are used and which are not. Redrawing the entire sprite sheet is a lot of work (I've done it once...

    by SunGodPortal - Comments: 0 - Views: 738
  • 20141108
    a fun project I was working on where I remade link to the past to look like nintendo power's rendition of the series my idea was to remake the long beloved series, in a new way, sadly I couldnt get past making this sprite since I failed with trying to work with zcompress and such, so I figured I would upload these since I did work rather hard on them! I hope you all like them!

    by zorazer0 - Comments: 0 - Views: 1858
  • 20140318
    Author: Botchos
    Information: Sprite hack that changes Link into... Derpy the pony!

    Latest version: 1.1
    URL: Search for ''Derpy Link Sprites'' on the net.

    by Founder - Comments: 3 - Views: 1091
  • 20140318
    Author: Megamancpx
    Information: Sprite hack that changes Link into Samus from the Metroid games!

    Latest version: 1.0

    by Founder - Comments: 0 - Views: 914

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