How to Install and Run Zcompress from Anywhere!

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How to Install and Run Zcompress from Anywhere!

Post by Charmander106 on Fri 4 Mar 2016 - 12:44

- Download the program (Download here: LINK).

- Go into the root of your drive the OS is installed on (For windows it's usually C:).
Create a new folder called "zcompress", all in lowercase. You can have this folder elsewhere on the drive but for the sake of this tutorial I will put it in here.

- Place the program in the folder, along with the readme.
Choose the best one for your OS (32 bit or 64 bit).

- Click on the Start button and right click Computer. Choose "Properties".

- Click on Advanced system settings, under the Advanced tab click on "Environment Variables..." .

- Under System Variables, find "Path" and double click on it.

- In the Variable value textbox, go to the very end and type the ";" key
followed by the folder path where zcompress resides in. (ex, "C:\zcompress\").
So you would have added ";C:\zcompress\" without quotes at the end. Now click on OK
three times.

- If you setup everything correctly, hold Shift and right click empty space
in any folder you want zcompress to run in and select "Open command window here".
type "zcompress" without quotes in the command window and press enter. You should see text pertaining to how to use the program.

- Done! Very Happy


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