Conker's High Rule Tail (v1.2.8b)

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Conker's High Rule Tail (v1.2.8b)

v1.2.8b:(repatched: June, 3rd 2018, net softlock fix)
Erock's Version (spin off) - v2 with netfix:

MSU-1 Pack Final v1.2:

Password for the msu-1 files:

Note for ZSNES users: Menu -> Config-> Options -> Clear hook at USE NEW GFX ENG
The hdma effect in the desert bugs otherwise

Have fun! Very Happy

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Conker's High Rule Tail (v1.2.8b) :: Comments


Post on Sat 24 Jun 2017 - 9:57 by Conn

Menu and Buttons Manual

For the usual A Link to the Past buttons (sword use, item use, dash...) please refer to the original manual, here only the new features are pointed out!


In Game: you can quickly switch between items without having to get into the menu and selecting them there!
In Menu:  switch between submenus: Inventory, Artifacts, Map, Text Speed, Notebook

In Monologue: skip the monologue!
In Game:
 - Don't Panic equipped: Read it!
 - Dynamite equipped: after Super-Bomb upgrade: Have a superbomb following you

On Flute Map: return to where you called the bird

In Water: Dive/Emerge after Golden Scale upgrade


Every screen shows the total play time, the other stuff (reception, battery status) are only decoration.


Select an Item to use with the Y-Button.

The Dynamite and the Don't Panic have a special, second use with the X-Button:
- Dynamite Y use is to place a normal bomb, X after an upgrade places a Super-Bomb
- Don't Panic Y use is Ether and X is to read it (each X read reveals a new page - it is recommended to read it to the end as it holds at least 2 crucial information).

The number shows the amount of full Heart Containers, and the bar the Heart Container Pieces collected. As you see in the image the red bar fills with every HC piece collected and after 4 are found, you get a new full Heart Container(just alike ALTTP).

If you receive a magic meter upgrade, it will be marked in the menu as well, next to the meter color changes (yellow = Pure Dust (L2 Meter); blue = Meth Dust (L3 Meter))

These work similar to the bottles in ALTTP, but you can select an empty belt and catch fairies and bees directly with it (has now the function of the bug-catching net). Furthermore you can stun enemies with the empty belt slot (shows a frying pan animation).


This shows your abilities (Lift, Spin, Swim, Dash), and the upgrades for them. Lift has 4, Spin 3, Swim 2 and Dash 1. Also it shows your cash.
Top-Right are the number of found Triforce Pieces (3 in total).
Top Left shows the number of collected Rings of Power.

The white number are the total rings you have collected (20 in total), the blue number shows which of these are quest rings that you get after a defeated boss (9 in total). You can only enter the Tardis (Level XI) if you have collected all 9 blue quest rings
So, there are
1 - The one Ring aka Magic Cape: a dungeon item
9 - Human Rings of Courage: quest rings for defeated dungeon bosses
7 - Dwarf Rings of Force: these are hidden somewhere
3 - Elven Rings of Wisdom: these are found in the Triforce Shrine

1+9+7+3=20 and 9 of these are the quest rings, so this explains the number 20-9

Google Mapdroid:


The red circled shows the screen you are currently.
"LVL" (Level) and a Romanic number, like "LVL VII" means that you directly can access Dungeon 7 via an entrance like a picture.
"AVE" (Avenue) and a normal number, like "AVE 10" means that you need to take the door through the Tardis to reach the area that has Dungeon 10. AVE 2,3 9 means that the left door in this screen leads to Dungeon 2 and 3 and the right door to Dungeon 9.


Blue Rooms: you have visited this room
Grey Rooms: you have not yet visited (show up when you have the map)
Red blinking Room: the room you currently are in
Yellow blinking Rooms: there is a treasure inside (show up when having GPS (compass), you also hear a sound signal with the GPS if there is a treasure to find).

Text Speed

Self Explaining... the speed a monologue shows up.


Here the secret pathways through the Lost Woods and the Lost Desert are written into. They will be given to you during your quest, and you can look up here whenever you are lost.

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Post on Fri 14 Jul 2017 - 9:59 by Conn

Some help on the hidden stuff

All the rings locations:

There are 20 rings
9 Human Rings of Courage from dungeon bosses
3 Elven Rings of Wisdom from Triforce Shrine
7 Dwarf Rings of Force hidden
1 The One Ring in space dungeon (aka magic cape)

The hidden 7 Dwarf Rings of Force locations:

Room 192 - Tardis #1

Room 147 - Tardis #2

Room 193 - Tardis #3

Room 146 - Tardis #4

Room 230 - Erock's Folder (Dev's Hideout) #5

Aghanim #6 (defeat the 3 Aghanim Superboss in Developer area (flute point 8, SePH's Computer) after collecting all keys and your tail to walk through spikes)

Ganon #7 Beat Ganon until he jumps and thus opens the holes, then fall down.

All the full Heart Containers:

06- Room 55  (Spencer Estate)

07- Room 92  (Jedi Academy)

08- Room 112 (Garden of Eden)

09- Room 156 (Retro Land)

10- Room 5   (Clocktower, come back when you have your own tail to walk through spikes)

11- Room 288 (Bo-Omb Painting, use Superbomb to open, the chest is hidden below the statue)

12- Room 176 (Heart of The TARDIS, use the teleporter in room 192 (shown in left image))

13- Room 120 (use the golden scale to dive through the whirlpool, use the stargate and solve the puzzle inside)

All the Heart Pieces locations :


14- Room 146 (Heart of the TARDIS, use teleporter in room 131 (that room with the doctor to get there))

14- Room 150 (Vaati's Crypt)

14- Room 176 (Old Man at tardis exit that also gives you the dash (left half of the picture))

14- Room 180 (Parallel Tower Ruins, top left corner)

15- Room 180 (Parallel Tower Ruins, bottom right corner)

15- Room 181 (Parallel Tower Ruins) - be fast, best is you use the harp to see the platforms.

15- Room 195 (Parallel Tower Ruins)

15- Room 196 (Parallel Tower Ruins, after defeating Moldrum)

16- Room 211 (Parallel Tower Ruins) - Trick: use the feather to fall into the left side of the hole!

16- Room 249 (Triforce Shrine)

16- Room 53 (Spencer Estate)

16- room 257 (Space Hub)

17- Room 184 (Retro Land, fall into this hole)

17- Area 2B (Peach Castle: Outside)

17- Area 06 (Peach Castle: Heaven)

17- Area 2F (Triforce Shrine)

18- Area 32 (Retro Dungeon - Duck Cunt)

18- Area 3A (Simpsons,  use Superbomb to open the garage)

18- Area 3C (Retro Dungeon - Atari, fall into hole)

18- Area 3F (The Source)

19- Area 25 (Mario Bros 1) - flute point #4

19- Area 04 (NHL) - flute point #7

19- Area 3D (Ancient Hyrule, hidden behind the water temple)

19- Area 2E (Stargate, use gold scale to reach it (dive through whirlpool))

20- Digging Area 1F - Outside Triforce Shrine

20- Digging Area 2A - Space Garden

20- Digging Area 35 - Ancient Hyrule

20- Digging Area 37 - Lost Desert

Belts (aka bottles):

#1 - buy at Trixie in front of Pervy Goron Strip Club in the city

#2 - use this teleporter in Spencer Estate to meet Jill

#3 - Cloud Dungeon, hook to this plateau to find a switch making the chest with the belt appear

#4 - move block in Conn's briefcase to make the chest with the belt appear

Secret items and upgrades

Find the black-white harp in the very first dungeon ("ultra hard puzzle") to make platforms in the Parallel Ruins visible. This harp is optional, if you missed it, there's no way to get back to D1, but the later Magic Harp has the same effect. With some practice you can figure out the platforms without the harp, and all rooms where it can be used are optional for HC pieces.

The Galaxy Book "Don't Panic" has next to the Y-Button use (Ether) also the X-Button use. Read it to the end and both pathways in the Lost Desert are written to your notepad!

The Ice Bolt can freeze water and remove those water blocks in your way to reach the Triforce Shrine.

Tingle 1 (city) - give Koka Kola from Royal Weed Factory to the Koka Kola Fountain for Fairy Dust

Star sculpture (Peach Castle) - sprinkle Fairy Dust for 2nd Magic Meter (Pure Dust, yellow meter)

Chuck1 (cloud) - throw Slingshot for Eden Crossbow

Chuck1 (cloud) - throw Dynamite for Superbomb

Chuck1 (cloud) - throw Fairy Dust after 2nd Magic Meter upgrade for 3rd Magic Meter (Meth Dust, blue meter)

Chuck2 (desert whirlpool) - throw any sword for spin2 (turbo spin)

Chuck2 (desert whirlpool) - throw silver scale for golden scale

Tingle 2 (cloud, reach him by sprinkling Fairy Dust on the blocking first Tingle) - have spin2 (chuck2 upgrade) for Apple of Eden (spin3)

Secrets and Easter Eggs:

Make Ganon visible:

Press and hold the X-button at Ganon to see where he warps to

Easter Eggs in Dev's hideout:

MSU1-player in Conn's Briefcase (only if MSU-1 is detected).

PW2 reference in Euclid's DOS:


Wanna know what's going on in Pervy Goron Stripclup? Take a peak through this window.

Catch a fish behind the Hylian Royal Weed Factory and bring it to Trixie, she willl buy it.

Use the Lifebelt at Trixie and she gives you 200 bucks. However the use will cost you 300, but if you are short on money and need a remaining golden bee...

Lost Woods and Lost Beach pathways:

Lost Woods
Find Dungeon 1 - in your Menu Notebook after following the white rabbit:
R, L, R

Shortcut to Ganon - in your Menu Notebook after talking to The Source:
U, L, D, R, U, L, D, U
Note: you can break the Master Sword barrier with the hammer or any sword - if you have Eden Crossbow in your inventory.

Lost Beach
Triforce Shrine - in your Menu Notepad after reading the Galaxy Book (X-Button):
U, L, D, L, R, U

The Source - in your Menu Notepad after reading the Galaxy Book (X-Button):
D, U, L, R, D, U, D

All endings:

End1: batcave closed - use the lost woods shortcut to Ganon (before completing Dungeon with the Tardis key, don't have apple of Eden)
End2: batcave closed - use the lost woods shortcut to Ganon (before completing Dungeon with the Tardis key, have bought apple of Eden at Cloud Dungeon Tingle)
End3: batcave open (completed Dungeon with the Tardis key), don't have all 20 rings
End4: batcave open (completed Dungeon with the Tardis key), have all 20 rings, don't have red lightsaber
End5: batcave open (completed Dungeon with the Tardis key), have all 20 rings, have red lightsaber

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Post on Sun 23 Jul 2017 - 20:19 by Founder

Pro Action Replay Cheats

7EF2AC-60 -> Bat Cave Open
7EF37A-13 -> 19 Rings
7EF352-01 -> The One Ring
7EF33A-XX -> # of Quest Human Rings of Courage (01-09)
7EF359-XX -> 01 - Baseball Bat // 02 - Green Lightsaber // 03 - Blue Lightsaber // 04 - Red Lightsaber
7EF34C-XX -> 02 - Silver Harp // 03 - Magic Harp

7EF340-XX -> 02 - Slingshot // 04 - Eden Crossbow
7EF341-XX -> 01 - Blue Boomerang // 02 - Red Boomerang // 03 - Green Boomerang
7EF342-XX -> 01 - Hookshot // 02 - Goldstar
7ef343-xx -> xx: number of bombs ++ 7EF33E-01: super bomb
7EF344-xx -> 01 - Koka Kola // 02 - Fairy Dust

7EF34A-XX -> 01 - Silver Lighter// 02 - Fire Mushroom // 7EF34A-01 ++ 7EF339-01: golden lighter (only if not fire mushroom)
7EF345-01 -> Life Belt
7EF346-01 -> Ice Bolt
7EF347-01 -> Fiery Blaze
7EF348-01 -> Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
7EF349-01 -> Earthquake
7EF34B-01 -> Thor's Hammer
7EF34D-01 -> Roc's Feather
7EF34E-01 -> Triforce Medal
7EF350-01 -> Deku Seed
7EF351-01 -> Golden Rod
7EF353-02 -> TARDIS Key
7EF34F-01 -> Shovel

7EF355-01 -> Goblin Boots (ability flag 7EF379 must be set to 6E or FF as well to dash)
7EF357-01 -> Stormtrooper Suit
7EF356-01 -> Silver Scale ++ 7ef33c-01: Gold Scale
7EF354-XX -> 00 - Lift1 // 01 - Lift3 // 02 - Lift4 // 03 - Lift2
7EF35A-XX -> 01 - Red Fox Tail // 02 - Pikachu Tail // 03 - Silver Squirrel Tail ++ 7Ef33D-01: Golden Squirrel Tail
7EF35B-XX -> 00 - Blue Tunic // 01 - Red Tunic // 02 - Green Tunic
7EF358-XX -> 01 - Turbo Spin // 02 - Apple of Eden (Hurricane Spin)

7EF35C-XX -> 1st Belt Upgrade
7EF35D-XX -> 2nd Belt Upgrade
7EF35E-XX -> 3rd Belt Upgrade
7EF35F-XX -> 4th Belt Upgrade

Belt notes - replace XX with:
02 - Empty
03 - Weed
04 - Duff Beer
05 - Speed
06 - Fairy
07 - Bee
08 - Good bee

7EF36E-7C -> Full magic (also unlimited)
7EF37B-00 -> 00 - no magic meter upgrade // 01 - 1/2 magic // 02 - 1/4 magic
7EF360-FF -> 255 rupees (also unlimited) 9999 rupees code?????
7EF343-63 -> 99 bombs (also unlimited)
7EF377-46 -> 70 arrows (also unlimited) 63 - 99 arrows????
7EF36F-01 -> 1 small dungeon key (also unlimited)
7EF36D-A0 -> Full hearts (invincibility)
7EF36C-A0 -> All heart containers
7EF379-XX -> Ability flags (swim, dash, etc. - set to 6E or FF for all abilities)
7EF32E-XX -> 00 - Hard Mode; 01 - Easy Mode

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