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Mega Man X3 - Page 3 Empty Mega Man X3

Patch (v5, rockman x compatible):
v2: support for Dr. Light Theme

PCM Sets:
TheLegendOfRenegade Sega Mega Drive/Genesis YM2612 Style PCM's by Relikk:

Mega Man X3 by DarkShock(-18dB):

Krzysztof Slowikowski PCM set by JUD6MENT v3 - added Dr. Light theme  2/3/2020:

Dr. Light Theme collection by Jud6Ment:
(just add theme 91 from the X3 version to the pcm set you can download below).

YouTube Preview

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Post on Sun 12 Jul 2020 - 16:39 by Conn

You're welcome and had luck that I had the motivation. I shifted the code over the complete rom and readdressed all jsr, jsl, jml, jmp involved directly in hex editing (very bug affecting but... No source Wink )

There won't be much Gameboy releases I'd guess. Zelda dx was qwertys pet, ffa mine (I played the game in my youth q couple of time, and this wish attracted qwerty so we have the patches).
Qwerty will surely release his code so people will do much easier making new games (data_snd transmission to snes for track change is sophisticated, along bios injection and all that stuff.
With the source you have the tools, but nevertheless you need to know Gameboy asm next to snes asm to tinker. That is the hard part: finding the mute points and track numbers in gb tracing. Snes code is simple in comparison. So I expect only a few releases, maybe sml, Tetris, gargoyle quest, mega man, final fantasy (round based games).… But maybe it remains only those 2 we have Sad

We haven't drawn a capacity of coders doing those projects unfortunately

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Post on Sun 12 Jul 2020 - 17:14 by Nicholas

SML is a must have for an MSU-1!

If somebody would get MM2 GB going then they would be doing the best deed ever. This music set I made would make the game less ears bleeding. The music of the game isn't bad by any means. It's just the way it's coded to the Game Boy that sounds terrible.

Tell me, what Emulator can I use for a debugger besides Mednafen? I've been hard patch modifying codes on to PC Engine games lately. I think I want to take the plunge to get Her-Saki's patch working with the MSU-1 patch. I've played the translation patch the whole way through. Very faithful to the Japanese version. The only translation error I saw was that Dr. Light isn't Dr. Right, and they name Zero's Body Parts Zero's Torso. I think an X3 patch will happen. But I think the same problem will happen due to the new text engine problems.

Update: There’s a github source for the translation.

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Post on Mon 13 Jul 2020 - 2:59 by Conn

Tell me, what Emulator can I use for a debugger besides Mednafen?
I ususally check compatibility using a hex compare program, 1st rom: hersaki patched, 2nd: hersaki+msu patched.

Then I see where both codes overwrite each other like in this image, and shift the msu code to an unused region (principially, this I also did to make MMX3 compatible with the japa version. I looked for space that is free in both versions.

Mega Man X3 - Page 3 Image246

Since HerSaki has the source code you could ask him to shift the code he uses at 0x7e77 to another location in the expanded area, then you are able to use also the msu code.

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Post on Mon 13 Jul 2020 - 7:21 by Nicholas

I made an issue on Github.

Thank you for looking into it specifically. Probably the most time saving and reliable solution we could hope for.

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Post on Mon 13 Jul 2020 - 8:27 by Conn

Yeah, he only needs to move in the asm:

;Jump to jump to main routine
org $670A

org $7E77
JMP $31B000

and the data beginning at $7e80
!ShiftData        = $80FE80   ;;Shift table address
(where I cannot find the reference in his code)

To  not confuse anybody, the last messages about the problems with hersaki translation is X2, though we talk in X3.
@Nicholas, I advice to post in the correct threads in future!

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