BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2

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BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 Empty BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2

Download the patch here:

JUD6MENT Presents BS F-Zero MSU-1 PCM (Updated April 8th 2022):
YouTube Preview

F-Zero PCM:s (not adjusted to the BS version) made by Colines (more native sound) and alternativels kurrono (more "electronic rock" sound) are found here:!AtMUCmAL6x14hQ27EbkbRa8bkN45

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Since : 2013-06-30

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BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 :: Comments


Post Fri 29 Dec 2017 - 16:52 by Ice Man

No idea when you asked me to fix the links or maybe I never saw it yet. Either way, thanks for the new mirrors and updated files. Will update the entry, too.

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Post Fri 29 Dec 2017 - 22:53 by Conn

That was a time Very Happy

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Post Tue 6 Feb 2018 - 23:30 by TheGameFoxx

i forget, is this one 2 player?

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Post Wed 17 Jun 2020 - 6:37 by JUD6MENT

I used my F-Zero PCM pack to create the BS F-Zero PCM pack and created a showcase video. Right now the only download options is to use the F-Zero PCM packs for this game. this does work, however, you have to rename the PCM files to have the same name and also 3 out of the 5 tracks for the stages are mapped differently for the BS F-Zero MSU-1 compared to the original F-Zero tracks. Using the F-Zero PCM tracks for this game will play 3 tracks wrong and have extra unneeded tracks that takes up memory.

My download link renamed all the PCMs to be BSFZeroGrandPrix2 to match the patch file name, has the 3 wrong tracks corrected, and I deleted the unused tracks so that it is not taking up more storage data than needed. Basically, this download link is ready to play as soon as you download it.

BS F-Zero Instrumental MSU-1 presented by JUD6MENT:

YouTube Preview:

I also noticed there is no preview video for BS F-Zero in MSU-1. If you want to Conn you can use the one I made.

If anyone wanted to use one of the other PCM tracks we have for F-Zero and convert that to be used for BS F-Zero MSU-1, here is a track map.

Track Map:

PCM 1 - Count Down
PCM 2 - Racers Get Ready
PCM 3 - Lost the Race
PCM 4 - Title Screen
PCM 5 - Time Record Screen
PCM 6 - Big Blue Stage
PCM 7 - Victory! Win the Race
PCM 10 - Death Wind (this is PCM-16 in original F-Zero MSU)
PCM 14 - Mute City
PCM 15 - Fire Field (this is PCM-9 in original F-Zero MSU)
PCM 16 - Silence (this is PCM-10 in original F-Zero MSU)

These tracks are not used in BS F-Zero and can be deleted:
- Port Town (this is PCM-13 in original F-Zero MSU)
- Red Canyon (this is PCM-8 in original F-Zero MSU)
- Sand Ocean (this is PCM-15 in original F-Zero MSU)
- White Land (this is PCM-11 and PCM-12 in original F-Zero MSU)

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Post Wed 17 Jun 2020 - 7:11 by Conn

Updated, thanks Very Happy

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Post Wed 24 Jun 2020 - 15:19 by VVV18

Brutapode89 wrote:As there's F-Zero Final v0.2 since September 2018, did you think we can make sure it's working in MSU-1?

This project was perfect.
I love F-Zero, super game !!!

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Post Fri 8 Apr 2022 - 6:16 by JUD6MENT

JUD6MENT Presents BS F-Zero MSU-1 PCM (Updated April 8th 2022):

UPDATE APRIL 4th 2022: Major changes! I fixed all my songs volume level as they were all a bit too loud. I played the MSU-1 hack side by side with an original game rom to check if volume levels were matching. It was a needed fix. I also have a new Title Screen and Mute City. I also edited all my tracks to have matching tempos with the original game and fixed some bad music editing I did 4 years ago since my first release. This is a very clean album with correct tempo and volume levels.

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