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Post by ChristosOwen Sun 20 Aug 2017 - 10:58

Hi guys,

I did another full playthrough of this and found a couple things. I know it's now on V1.25 now but I couldn't see a changelog between 1.23 and 1.25 so I'm not sure what has been updated... if these have already been fixed then please ignore me!

Parallel Tower Ruins

I used the first small key on the final small key door of the dungeon leading to the boss. This let me skip the entire dungeon and beat Kholdstare immediately without getting the Big Key or opening the Big Chest. However doing this key locked me out of progressing through any other small key doors in the first part of the dungeon. Could be easily fixed by changing that small key door to a big key door?

V1.23 Bugs Key_lo10

I also had an unexplored room on the map... did I miss something or is there a bug with this dungeon map? I think I remember it being a bug from last time...?

V1.23 Bugs Map_bu10

Tardis Soft Lock

It appears if your timer hits zero and you get warped to the beginning of the dungeon while in a bonk animation (maybe only if you bonked travelling south?) then when you resume at the entrance you will automatically be sort of moonwalking upwards and unable to move any other direction, or press any buttons at all (cannot press Select to s+q, pause, turn left/right/down, etc).

I think this can happen in the original game in some strange situations, perhaps if you use the mirror on the same frame as doing certain other actions (opening chests?).

Could potentially be prevented by not letting the mirror effect happen unless Link is on solid ground or something?


Peach's Castle

Dashing down the diagonal walls (e.g. in the main lobby if approaching from the left or right entrances) and then changing direction (perhaps stopping dash?) causes Link to get stuck and do a sort of backwards slide along the diagonal. It's harmless, as the end result is just bonking into the corner where the diagonal wall meets the horizontal wall. It looks kind of strange though. Probably not easy to fix as is due to silly diagonals in ALTTP so perhaps this will just be a "feature".

Anyway really enjoyed playing through the newer version (on Hard mode!) although I'm sad I missed out on the Level 4 Glove since I did 100% in V1.23 and not V1.25! Ending #5... although after completing PuzzleDude's wonderful finale block pushing puzzle I learned how to get the better endings so next time I think I'll go for Ending #1!

Thanks a lot for the hard work making this truly enjoyable hack!



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V1.23 Bugs Empty Re: V1.23 Bugs

Post by Puzzledude Sun 20 Aug 2017 - 15:42

although after completing PuzzleDude's wonderful finale block pushing puzzle I learned
Thank you. At least someone likes these type of puzzles.

Also, nice of you to play through the entire game (again). I believe Conn fixed the door issue in Parallel Tower Ruins, since he found out that he changed this door wrong from 1.21 to 1.23, so it should be ok in 1.25, however the other things mentioned are new reports. Up to Conn if he wants to fix this for 1.26 or not.

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