Secret of Evermore (Finished)

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Re: Secret of Evermore (Finished)

Post by RedScorpion on Wed 18 Oct 2017 - 2:01

edale wrote:@RedScorpion, FYI the MSU-1 can only have 1 active data stream (play 1 audio/video track) at a time.

So if you have both music and sound effects as PCM audio, all sorts of audio glitches happen (best case, only one of the 2 plays).

The typical solution is to make the music PCM while keeping the SFX as SPC audio.

The OST I linked should have all the music files.

Thanks Conn. Yes i know the technical background of MSU. But the fact is, all mp3s in my folder are themes which will play in different locations. Iam 10000% sure that are not SFX.

The current patch has not only SPC Solution, so you have no music in the game. The track will store at 0e4b and 0e4d at 7E area on emulator, so i could check all files and all tracks will loaded, up to hex 46 or track 70.

The only 3 tracks which are stored as sfx and a content of my OST are the

1. Arena applause in the arena
2. Explosion when some events are occurs
3. Takeoff sound. Dunno when it play in the game. Iam sure in the end of the game when the transporter maschine shut down.



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Re: Secret of Evermore (Finished)

Post by Conn on Fri 20 Oct 2017 - 19:25

The banana eating finally is over Smile

I also included a german version.

To quote qwerty and his comparison to John Wick " How is retirement going" - "I am working on it" Razz
I won't start any new project from now on, but only maintain my existing ones (there are always bugs).

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