Zelda 1 improvement patch in the works

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Zelda 1 improvement patch in the works Empty Zelda 1 improvement patch in the works

Post by wizzrobemaster 11/23/2017, 02:27

I am currently working on a re-organized hack of zelda 1. the difficulty will be unchanged for the most part, but i am reorganizing the dungeon rooms so that way it is impossible to get locked in a room to force a reset, especially if you are going swordless up to ganon.  the raft will no longer be a dungeon item and it will be impossible to complete a dungeon without a mandatory item. the bow and arrows will appear in the same dungeon as gohma, degdogger will be the boss of level 3, manhandla of level 6, level 1 will only have the boomerang as the dungeon item.  

also number of keys will match the locked doors in each dungeon.  the second quest will no longer have the "leave your life or money" trap (this is a poorly designed mechanic that could cause a program paradox on a 3 heart run), and the same situation will apply. level 7 will be moved to less cryptic location and the red candle is now in level 4 instead of 7, which now has the magic rod.  other plans are to have the bombs act like the arrows to have less quantity issues, and the "take anyone you want" caves will no longer have the potion as a choice. also there will be less door repair rooms, and the bait can be found in level 7.


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