Illusion of Gaia - Patch complete (need PCM)

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Illusion of Gaia - Patch complete (need PCM)

Post by Conn on Thu 11 Jan 2018 - 10:29

Ok, it's done Very Happy
The code was very sophisticated, needed to play through the complete game to map all events (that sucked). I hope I catched all, if not I am sure playtests will reveal.

Here's the themelist if anybody wants to create pcm:s:

; hex dec tag                 loop youtube
; $00 00 mute                  n
; $01 01 Title                  y
; $02 02 World                  y
; $03 03 Town Theme 1(gulls)    y
; $04 04 Dark Space             y
; $05 05 Dead Gold Ship         y
; $06 06 Town Theme 2(no gulls) y
; $07 07 Village                y  
; $08 08 Ankor Wat              y
; $09 09 Castle                 y
; $0A 10 Dungeon                y
; $0B 11 Great Wall             y
; $0C 12 Larai Cliffs           y
; $0D 13 Meeting Mother         y
; $0E 14 Shipwreck              y
; $0F 15 Sky Garden             y
; $10 16 Mu                     y
; $11 17 Pyramid                y
; $12 18 Boss Battle            y
; $13 19 Returned Memory        y
; $14 20 Final Battle           y
; $15 21 Ending 1               y
; $16 22 Ending 2               y

; $17 23 Lola's Song            n
; $18 24 Receive Item           n
; $19 25 Wind  Melody           n
; $1A 26 Memory Melody          n
; $1B 27 Wind SFX Angel Village y
; note: this is special since the first seconds the sfx plays, then it mutes since it is not repeated due to apu mute

; Not needed (native sfx is played):
; $1C 28 Transformation         n
; $1D 29 Phenomenon             n
; $1E 30 Unused Title           n

; Not known
; $1F 31 Temple Song            n

; $40 keep current music playing

- Ghostship: music changes a lot of times, I hope I mapped all correctly (also when changing between the two screens).

- Native Village: music switches after pig made suicide and you re-enter from the 05 Dead Gold Ship to 07 Village  theme. I could only map 1 theme and decided to have it only play village theme for consistency

- Wind screen in Angel Village dungeon:
there is one screen with wind blowing sfx, I needed to make a hardcore apu mute. The side effect is that the wind blow will play but does not repeat, it will stop after 2 seconds. Therefore I mapped a theme $1b=27 to be played in this screen. When creating this wind blow pcm, you need to check how it interferes with the 2 seconds of native wind play. If it sounds too terrible I'll make more efforts  to mute the native sfx. I recommend making it a bit louder to cover the native sfx, exact syncing it is of no avail I think since sd2snes has a play delay.

- I could not find this theme in the game:
; $1F 31 Temple Song            n
Anybody who can shed light here?

Indispensable cheat!
Use cheat code 7e0642-xx to switch between screens, as soon the screen turns black, disable the cheat again!.
E.g., if you are in south cape overworld, cheat with 7e0642-73 to get into the wind blowing screen (the oddity mentioned above). The numbers are pretty straight forwarding, so 01 is southcape while later numbers are chronological stations on your journey.

BTW: the room number table (the room number is the same you cheat with 7e0642) corresponds to the music played in this screen, so with the asm, you can virtually get in every screen another theme, like every town has an own theme, if somebody wants to play around or make a plus patch).
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Re: Illusion of Gaia - Patch complete (need PCM)

Post by Conn on Thu 11 Jan 2018 - 18:53

If somebody is going to make the pcm:s here is some help:

For example pyramid is hex $11, dec 17, so your pcm should be:

There are a some remastered tracks on youtube:
.... I hope awesome epic themes to substitute all are found.

More or less complete orchestrated soundtrack:

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