Street Fighter 2 Turbo MSU-1 heavy damage themes

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Street Fighter 2 Turbo MSU-1 heavy damage themes

IPS Patch to enable heavy damage themes for SNES SF2T.
Heavy damage themes, played at arcade versions when the life bar reaches low.
Patch merged with Conn's msu-1 patch, so one patch for all.

Tested at snes9x 1.55 and bsnes_v070.
Thanks to Conn for the original msu-1 patch.
Thanks to qwertymodo for helping.
Thanks to Randerson Pereira Cardoso.

Patch file (features Turbo v1.0 and rev v1.1):

Complete pcm set by Relikk (normal plus additional heavy damage tracks):!E3IlwC7Q!kd8ns2af-w8ffFPeb4WyX1UT6Im1IyDptgdm9lrPMkk

HDRemix (CPS-2-remastered) PCM:s files by PittStone:!GW4n3SRJ!SEj1GmdyzbwXGGYdcUmDin90roXQR4HAhPIOwRSH8mY

CPS-2+ by gyaragax:!VeYW1TyK!ey1QUrzId6cREyS3YOpEXec5bC71oIi3kOyFwncobuA

Heavy damage pcm files 50=ryu until 61=dictator only:!Ah8ksmUOX0QQiDfjZDI4xa1fu5gI!E3IlwC7Q!kd8ns2af-w8ffFPeb4WyX1UT6Im1IyDptgdm9lrPMkk

This patch is merged with Conn's patch already but you need a pcm set from the normal msu hack additional to the set above:

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Street Fighter 2 Turbo MSU-1 heavy damage themes :: Comments


Post on Sun 28 Jan 2018 - 8:13 by SeƱor Ventura

The problem is that i'm learning now the "how to" process, and is rare to me conceive the code of the msu1 running appart from the code of a game, but being together of... what form?.

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Post on Mon 7 May 2018 - 20:19 by gyaragax

I put together a new pcm set for SFII Turbo, including heavy damage tracks, if you wouldn't mind adding it. The set is mostly CPS-2, with a few exceptions. PittStone's previous set was volume blasted before SD2SNES revision. I wanted to make a full set with all the heavy damage tracks and make few changes, so I did a new set from lossless source and made it fully normalized, so it does not drown out the game's sound effects.

There's an additional recomposed track 16 for the Capcom jingle. The default title track uses an OverClocked ReMix rock arrangement from vertexguy, though a CPS-2 option is included, alternatively. There are a few tracks for which there was not a CPS-2 version, so I used newly looped and normalized CPS-1 tracks for those. It's detailed in the included readme file.


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Post on Tue 8 May 2018 - 12:32 by gizaha

Thank you very much for your good work, i appreciate this.

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