Killer Instinct MSU-1

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Killer Instinct MSU-1

It has some arcade tracks, some from Killer Cuts and some Graeme Norgate remastered.

Apply on headerless rom US 1.1

IPS patch v2:

Now works at sd2snes.

PCM tracks:!Ah8ksmUOX0QQiERhDlDHZ_wcVDnc

A big thanks to Mattrizzle for explaining the dkc2 patch.
Thanks to Conn for helping for the sd2snes code.

Msu patch v2.0
What i would like to add in later versions (but i don't know if i can) from easiest to harder:
*Character portraits on char select screen, taken from arcade.
*Transparent cinder
*Co-co-co-co-co-combo breaker sfx instead of Co-co-co-co-combo breaker (like the arcade. Spc hacking. Sfx is 26
*One "combo breaker" sfx on vs screen (like the arcade).
*Heartbeat sound from spc every second decrease, like the arcade. Spc hacking.
*Different fatality sound for each character depending on fatality, like the arcade.
*Shadow position like the arcade.
*Slower end credits screen (to match the arcade duration).
*Black background for end credits like the arcade. Ki logo (bg1) appear when the guitar loop begins
*End credits add fmv to bg layer (like
*Intro fmv with ultra64 logo etc taken from the arcade.
*Ending videos.
*Character bio videos.
*Vs screen videos.
*Character select 360 sprites from arcade (stream tilemaps with msu-1).
*Press start at character ladder, skips vs screen (like the arcade)
*Show the "enter initials screen" without fade out the current, even we don't have framebuffer (like the arcade)

Optional mini patches from the above list:!Ah8ksmUOX0QQiHSDg2jevDlWo1yz

Various WIP screenshots included in this folder.
*Press a key on character ladder skips to battle, like the arcade. (not arcade perfect result yet)
*Skip fade in and fade out at character select/ladder screen, like the arcade.
*Upgraded end credits to look more arcade.
*Better combo breaker sfx in battle mimic the arcade.
*Eyedol bridge stage has Cinder music (like the arcade).
*Character select the p1 square is Red and p2 is green (like the arcade). Also
char selection start from TJ combo instead of jago (like the arcade).

This hack took me 3 years and countless hours after midnight (because of dayjob) watching other ips patches and trying to learn assembly. If you like it you can donate any tip you want, even $1 at paypal

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Killer Instinct MSU-1 :: Comments


Post on Fri 13 Jul 2018 - 23:26 by Polargames

Cover art.
All rights belong to there respected parties. I just found this on google.

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Post on Fri 13 Jul 2018 - 23:45 by kurrono

Hey Polar u making history today with all those cd covers ... great job,man Very Happy

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Post on Sat 14 Jul 2018 - 3:00 by Polargames

kurrono wrote:Hey Polar u making history today with all those cd covers ... great job,man Very Happy

Thank You very much Very Happy, I still have a lot more to do. I got board one day and hunted down every cover art I could for the msu1 games. I am happy to have google on my side lol Smile

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