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Prince of Persia patch by Conn:

Sega Mega CD PCM's by Relikk:!Ahue7izQZmoukkvIeywtT2ClNenw

PC Engine CD PCM's by Relikk:!Ahue7izQZmoukkwJod4QU2owzAa8

Notes: There are more stages and tracks on the SNES version than there are on both CD versions. So both packs are, in a sense, hybrids. The Mega CD pack contains two tracks from the PCE CD version, and one SPC track from the original SNES soundtrack to fill in the gaps. The PCE CD version has it's own tracks but the SPC and the Mega CD tracks fill in for the missing tracks there. It's possible to rip the PSG soundtrack from the PC Engine CD version, but they are low quality and don't really fit, and considering that the Mega CD soundtrack upgraded those very same tunes, I decided against including them.

The video above shows the intro's and the first stage for each version.

This hack was a long process and required a lot of skill and patience on the coding side from Conn. The game required extensive testing and while there are a few minor bugs with themes that are still present, we are happy to release it as it is now. There shouldn't be anything game-breaking in there.

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Prince of Persia :: Comments


Post Wed 16 May 2018 - 23:05 by Shiryu

Video up!

Sorry for getting this one done so late, this remains my favourite version of the game. Great work!

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Post Thu 17 May 2018 - 10:25 by Relikk

Glad you like it. Many thanks, Shiryu.

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Post Thu 17 May 2018 - 10:47 by Conn

watching your video I tested a bug source... and succeeded Smile

When you are in L1 and drink the bottle and get to the enemy while that bottle drink jingle is played, the title screen music is played $A0(160) instead bosss fight $A1(161). But I only managed to archive this by replacing 232.pcm with a longer lasting pcm, so I see no need to fix this... right?

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Post Tue 3 Jul 2018 - 1:51 by walter10h

I don't suppose you guys have a tracklist handy do you? I be wantin' to make a PCM pack.

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Post Tue 3 Jul 2018 - 11:25 by Conn

Maybe Relikk has that left, if not you need to go the hard way using msu2wav to see which pcm corresponds to which theme...
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Post Tue 3 Jul 2018 - 16:11 by Relikk

Sadly I don't have a track list. I've noticed it's the one thing I never keep when tracks are finished.

wav2msu pop_msu1-3.wav -l 74132
wav2msu pop_msu1-6.wav
wav2msu pop_msu1-13.wav
wav2msu pop_msu1-18.wav
wav2msu pop_msu1-23.wav
wav2msu pop_msu1-25.wav -l 246628
wav2msu pop_msu1-33.wav -l 246628
wav2msu pop_msu1-38.wav
wav2msu pop_msu1-47.wav -l 74132
wav2msu pop_msu1-99.wav -l 246628
wav2msu pop_msu1-109.wav -l 41553
wav2msu pop_msu1-128.wav
wav2msu pop_msu1-129.wav
wav2msu pop_msu1-130.wav
wav2msu pop_msu1-131.wav
wav2msu pop_msu1-133.wav
wav2msu pop_msu1-136.wav -l 46664
wav2msu pop_msu1-141.wav -l 280196
wav2msu pop_msu1-160.wav -l 119626
wav2msu pop_msu1-161.wav -l 53576
wav2msu pop_msu1-191.wav -l 246628
wav2msu pop_msu1-200.wav
wav2msu pop_msu1-232.wav
wav2msu pop_msu1-233.wav
wav2msu pop_msu1-234.wav
wav2msu pop_msu1-235.wav -l 74132
wav2msu pop_msu1-236.wav
wav2msu pop_msu1-237.wav -l 2999
wav2msu pop_msu1-238.wav -l 53576
wav2msu pop_msu1-242.wav -l 3246
wav2msu pop_msu1-247.wav -l 76397
wav2msu pop_msu1-248.wav -l 46664
wav2msu pop_msu1-249.wav -l 74132

That's from my wav2msu BAT file. Any tracks with loop commands that have the same numbers would be stage themes, loop commands with individual numbers would be title screen, ending, maybe bosses etc. And anything without a loop command would be an incidental theme like a small or large potion or sword pickup etc.

Easiest thing to do would be to flick through a Sega CD/Mega CD playthrough on YouTube and match the themes I used to the in-game events. Or maybe someone has an MSU1 playthrough of the game.

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