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Since : 2013-06-30

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Post Thu 18 Mar 2021 - 14:10 by Colines


Also, because I just wanted to make a joke, no effort was done to sync audio and video, I just took the laziest approach and made the ROM with PAL encoding Laughing

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Post Thu 18 Mar 2021 - 16:02 by Conn

A user requested this section via pm, so I did... For the sake of... Completeness Very Happy

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Post Thu 18 Mar 2021 - 17:31 by D2DEZEL

Hello, it's been a while since I retrieve fmv msu-1 videos and those that I made me. I still need to update a few folders where pcm or msu files are missing.

I provide you with my drive link:

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Post Thu 18 Mar 2021 - 18:19 by Conn

Holy shit. I don't think we should open an Extra thread for each video you collected, but please open a topic here in this forum where you post your link Wink

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Post Sat 20 Mar 2021 - 21:50 by Bonenanza

since this is the "MSU1" site i thought it would absolutely make sence to gather everything here.

And being a joke or not.
To put in a snes cartridge and to RickRoll somebody on his Original Hardware SNES is pretty priceless Very Happy

and the other video collection i just discovered here...
I hope there is more to come.
wouldnt it make absolute sence for everybody that works with this stuff to gather it on one site?
for everybody to work together or at least "join forces" to increase range?

I only got here by accident
(and discovered romhacking and the smw central
along the way.. and more to come)

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Post Sun 21 Mar 2021 - 3:09 by Colines

More MSU-1 ROMs using Ikari's video player:

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Post Sun 21 Mar 2021 - 5:15 by Conn

I added this link to d2dezel's post Very Happy

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