The Legend of Zelda: 18 Hours Past

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The Legend of Zelda: 18 Hours Past Empty The Legend of Zelda: 18 Hours Past

Patch Download v1.00:

More Information About the Hack:
Description - A Zelda 3 hack started on 1/18/2023 and finished on 1/27/2023 while on an 18 hour timer. This hack has about a 1/4th of ALttP's overworld redone and 3.5 dungeons in total, along with multiple cave and house redesigns. There is also kind of a story present in the game, but for the most part I didn't have time to think about the text so the story is not super strong even with the little bit of lore shared here. There are also a couple more edits to the palettes and the graphics, to make the game look even better. Despite all of those changes, there are still a couple of bugs present in the game, but overall they don't affect the game too much so they have been left in.

Story - The story takes place in the peaceful lands of Hyrule, where everyone has been living in harmony. However on one fateful day, Ganon arrived and took over the Tower in the Village to make it his base. Not only that, but he made plans to conquer the whole world of Hyrule using his army of soldiers. In the process, the whole world becomes terrorized by soldiers, and while looting the Catacombs they capture this girl named Zelda. With no other choice, Zelda calls out to Link telepathically to try and put an end to Ganon's tyranny. And so the story begins...

Items for 100% Completion - 10 Hearts, L3 Sword, L2 Shield, L2 Tunic, Silver Bow, Boomerang, Bombs, Magic Powder, Lamp, Magic Hammer, Bug Catching Net, Magic Bottle, Pegasus Boots, L1 Gloves, Zora's Flippers, and all Pendants.

Letterbomb's Z3 Romhacks Discord -

The patch needs to be applied on ALttP (US), with no header. You need a bps patcher to patch the rom.

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