You can beat the game without the master sword!

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You can beat the game without the master sword!

Post by Erockbrox on Mon 21 Oct 2013 - 2:41

So while I was messing around with Zelda 3 today I found out that if you skip the master sword, but later get your uncles sword tempered by the dwarfs then you can beat the game and get bombos, ether, quake without ever getting the master sword from the forest!

Moreover, if you have the tempered sword and then you get the master sword in the forest you then downgrade to the blue master sword, however the dwarfs will temper that one so you can get your red sword back!

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Re: You can beat the game without the master sword!

Post by Tompala on Mon 21 Oct 2013 - 5:03

Well, there are many ways of beating the game, and skipping items.

There is of course the glitched run where you use the Exploration Glitch (Walk under the BG layer) where you can beat the game in under 2 minutes (1:31 being the record).

It is also possible to skip entering Hyrule Castle by clipping through diagonal walls and get out in the overworld while it's raining, without EG. With the same clip, diagonal walls, there are many things you can skip and do. Such as entering Ganon's Tower without having any crystals, enter the Ice Palace without the Titan's Mitts/flippers and lots lots more.

Also, if you don't even have a sword, you can still upgrade it at the dwarves to get the Tempered Sword. If you then fall down the right pot in the entrance room in Hyrule Castle, you'll land at Ganon and you can then beat him.


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