Play as Princess Zelda In ALTTP

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Play as Princess Zelda In ALTTP Empty Play as Princess Zelda In ALTTP

Information: Sprite hack that changes Link into princess Zelda!
Play as Princess Zelda In ALTTP Zelda_zps7fdaed70
Latest version: 1.0

Play as Princess Zelda In ALTTP Image212

Since : 2012-06-19

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Post Wed 30 Sep 2015 - 9:18 by Puzzledude

Someone actually took the time and inserted this into Alttp via YY chr and also fixed the palettes. Good to know.
Here is his IPS.

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Post Mon 8 Oct 2018 - 2:21 by 1Crimson1

Sorry to dig up this dinosaur of a post, but with the recent popularity in Zelda Randomizers I couldn't help but notice that my old sprites made it into the roster. These sprites are indeed mine, made roughly 6 years ago sometime in 2012 painstakingly in Photoshop while overlaid with the original Link sprites and Zelda's stock sprites as my only reference.

I've gone through a lot of personal life issues and have long since forgotten about this place. I absolutely don't mind that the community adopted and utilized this work, I'm just glad to have contributed. I might try to make something new soon, maybe something Final.......from a certain Fantasy......perhaps from a popular lucky number...maybe.

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