Frame/Tile Identification patch

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Frame/Tile Identification patch Empty Frame/Tile Identification patch

Frame/Tile Identification patch

Frame/Tile Identification patch Linkbo10

I made this for myself, but figured others could use it if they found themselves in the same shoes as me.

Some of you may be wondering what this is for. I will tell you.

Since my hack will feature new main character sprites but will NOT feature all of items and scenarios from the original game, I am using this hack to identify which of Link's GFX tiles are used and which are not. Redrawing the entire sprite sheet is a lot of work (I've done it once already) and if certain frames are not going to be used in the hack, why redraw them?

Besides helping you identify tiles, this will also make it easier to recognize each tile's specific behavior. Like how the tiles move, what tiles overlap and how far, when mirroring is used, things of that nature.

Every tile was numbered and each size/shape (I believe there were 5) have their own sequence of numbers. I was going to use hex, but there were reasons why decimal worked better within the parameters so I went with that instead. The 2 and 5 of the smallest tiles may be difficult to properly identify if they are mirrored so I put a red dot in the top-right corner of each. If the red dot is anywhere else you will know that the tile is mirrored in some fashion.

It wasn't necessary to do this to every single one of Link's GFX tiles, but I did so anyway for the sake of uniformity.

Note: The numbers are aligned to the left side. If you see numbers aligned to the right, the tile is mirrored horizontally.

*Included is the code for the dummied out frame control, for added convenience.
-press L to freeze the game
-press R to advance one frame
-press L to unfreeze

The patch v1.0

*2015 - SunGodPortal*

Frame/Tile Identification patch Image213

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