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Checksum Info and Fix Tool  Empty Checksum Info and Fix Tool

Post by Arnachy69 Sat 12 Dec 2015 - 12:17

Hello all

I''ll have re-compiled the Urban64  and its
now better work than before

Rename youre rom to chk.smc ( sfc ) works to but look in the bat file and change the extenstion type from .smc to .sfc

here some screens

these in yellow you see its a bad checksum
Checksum Info and Fix Tool  2e2hy69

After fixing you see these like an original rom its in white and look the tekst
its in white with Checksum OK

look here:
Checksum Info and Fix Tool  Fyhpao

the are to bat files with it now
1 info checker
2. check_fixer

look first to see the hash checksum when it bad it let you see that in RED
when you fix it, it gets in green

enjoy with it Very Happy

Will they other one gives no results i''ll garantee you these works fine
for the most roms

Download mirror 1 (indirect link):
Download mirror 2:

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