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Post by Founder Mon 17 Jun 2013 - 17:03

GameMakr24 wrote:
Zelda 3 Challenge - Graphics Requests!

A long time ago, I had a graphics contest which allowed people to submit new graphics for Zelda3C. Winners would get their names in the credits, along with the chance to play the game before anyone else, following beta testing. The contest failed, however, because it was too vague. I didn't post any specific requests; many people expressed interest but didn't know what I needed.

The contest has ended, with only one entry that made it into the game. Congratulations CALD, for the new mushroom design! The new mushroom can be seen among the 5th batch of screenshots.

Nowadays, I will post specific requests as I think of them. If there's a specific sprite, outdoor or indoor element you would like to edit, however, you can still email me with your idea(s).


1.) Contact me before you get started. Depending on what graphics you're changing, I do have guidelines and plans for appearances. You shouldn't waste your efforts on something that can't be used. Plus, many parts of the game will be graphically changed to "make" new things. What if the new vulture you drew to replace the old one can't be used because it's now a vampire bat? Always email me for specific information.

All submitted graphics must be usable in the actual game! An intricate dungeon statue with a million colors may look incredible, but it just won't work in Zelda3C. The best method is to create new graphics while overwriting the old tiles. If I get scanned drawings or an out-of-format image, I might still use it as a guideline or inspiration

Graphics can be lifted from any other SNES game (or even NES) and submitted with whatever changes are necessary. You can even start with other games' graphics, change them a lot, and then submit them. Do NOT take graphics from any other hack, period. Don't submit graphics that you might use for your own purposes later. Please don't take graphics from Zelda Classic or other current sources.

If an entry is accepted for use in Zelda3C, it will either be used as-is, or changed to work better in the game. If the changes are considered major, the artist will be notified first. The colors may be changed without permission, depending on the game's available palettes.

Valid entries include ROM patches, zipped bitmaps, or other types of images. Use common sense with file sizes. Nothing over 300 KB should appear in my inbox. Do NOT send me any ROMs! I will automatically delete any ROMs that are sent to me. I will not view them, nor save them to my computer.


(Previous overworld requests are filled. I can't request much for the overworld yet, since Zelda3C doesn't use the same structures as Zelda 3. For example, there are no areas resembling Hyrule Castle, East Palace, the Pyramid, Skull Forest, Ice Island, Misery Mire, etc. Instead, there are places like Epoch Tower, Calatia Castle, Ancient Ruins, the Lighthouse, entrances reminiscent of Zelda 1 and Zelda 2, and other original fortresses and strongholds.)

Graphics Requests! Mini-triZelda: The princess plays a larger role than just "damsel who must be rescued." She appears both as a little girl in Link's childhood and as an adult in present time. In at least her adult form, she will wear her old-school outfit from Zelda cartoons and comics.
Here is a picture of Zelda from the comics.
Here is the original tileset which contains Zelda,
although she does not follow you in the beginning of the game.

(Previous request for Queen Seline is filled. I could still use graphics for Gorons, Zora, and Deku Scrubs...)

There are other characters in the game, but I won't ask for help with their graphics because I don't want to reveal their roles or details. (I can draw Tingle on my own! Just kidding, just kidding! He's not in the game! LOL)

Graphics Requests! Mini-triDungeon elements: Most of the indoor graphics will likely be the same, but here are some things I'd like to change. Floor patterns, all the statues, windows, waterfall fountains, skeleton wall coverings (now, vines), story objects (Sanctuary north wall, Agahnim's alter, etc). I'll provide more information to anyone interested in changing these things.

I have more changes in mind, but I'm reluctant to list them because of spoilers and/or specific concepts I probably need to draw myself. More requests will appear as needed.


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Graphics Requests! Empty Re: Graphics Requests!

Post by Erockbrox Mon 24 Jun 2013 - 3:50

Okay somebody needs to get the ball rolling here.

I drew these graphics specifically for the Quest for Calatia hack way back in the year 2008.

This was when I first got started submitting stuff to Zack (Gamemakr24).

I could have redrawn the graphic from scratch, but I wanted to keep the original colors and original vanilla feel so I just made slight adjustments from the original graphic.

Hopefully I'm not spoiling anything here.

I originally wanted to have a different chest graphic for the different items in dungeons. For example, have the big chest key in one specific graphic small chest and have the compass in a certain style small chest as well and so on. 

But unfortunately I was told that having different styles of chests graphic wise would be a lot of ASM coding and not worth it.

Regardless, these were drawn by me for the Calatia hack and I don't know which graphics will actually make it into the final hack so until then please hold off on using these for your own hacks.

Only after it is decided on which graphics we are going to use then possibly you could use a graphic that was not used in Calatia for your own hack.


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Graphics Requests! Empty Re: Graphics Requests!

Post by Spane Sat 29 Jun 2013 - 6:16

Did you know that you can have your own palette for the large and small chests for each dungeon? ;-)
Well in any case here are the chests of Prophet Of Chaos :-)
Graphics Requests! 1010910_479101225506423_481533594_n
PS: Look at the gfx of the open chests :DI think they look much better :-D


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Graphics Requests! Empty Re: Graphics Requests!

Post by Erockbrox Sat 29 Jun 2013 - 14:57

^ no I did not know about the palettes.

Also I like the new open chest graphic because otherwise it looks like the whole top of the chest was removed.


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Graphics Requests! Empty Re: Graphics Requests!

Post by GameMakr24 Sun 18 Aug 2013 - 16:23

I didn't know about the palettes either. Smile This means one could have frozen chests, red-hot chests, dirty chests, etc. I wonder why Nintendo doesn't do this kind of thing in official Zelda games? I guess it's for consistency of appearance, but I like variety.

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