Parallel Worlds Unused Music

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Parallel Worlds Unused Music

Post by qwertymodo on Wed 15 Jun 2016 - 4:26

I have kind of a cool idea for the MSU-1 tracks in Parallel Worlds, using [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] to make things behave properly, but I need to find some unused track #'s to use for the new tracks.  If I understand correctly, it seems like only tracks 0-15 are usable on the overworld (the bytes where they're stored in ROM use the upper nibble for something else... not sure exactly what).  Track 15 doesn't seem to be used in the original game, so there's one.  I'm pretty sure the "guards alerted" theme, track 0x0C isn't used, can anybody else confirm that?  Also, the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], track 0x04.  I think 3 tracks is enough for what I want to do. I know I'll have to deal with the SPC fallback for non-MSU1 supporting emulators, but that's doable.

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Re: Parallel Worlds Unused Music

Post by Euclid on Wed 15 Jun 2016 - 8:32

guards alert and bunny aren't used from my memory.

Edit: Just had a look - note that I haven't changed the music for the guard in town - so maybe it is used (and happens to be not working).

Bunny is not used, that's it for bank 1.

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