Reshaper's Sprite ASM Files

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Reshaper's Sprite ASM Files Empty Reshaper's Sprite ASM Files

Post by Erockbrox Wed 6 Apr 2016 - 23:46

So After e-mailing Johnathan over and over many many times he finally found what was left of his asm sprite work and sent it to me.

I wish he had everything in a complete form, but this work was many years ago and apparently what he gave me is all he has.

Here is what he said:

Reshaper256 wrote:Hi Erock,

Here is all I have. I'm pretty sure its useless though. I've look everywhere and this is all I can find, sorry. Also, I'm fairly certain the main file NS.ASM file is quite a bit older than the rest. Don't lead anyone to believe they'll be able to actually make new sprites with these files, there are at least 3 crucial ASM files missing that are referenced in NS.ASM.

In the zip folder there should be a total of 9 asm files. I hope someone here (cough cough Conn) can make miracles happen with them. Smile

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