Becareful with multiple sprites in a boss room

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Becareful with multiple sprites in a boss room

Post by Devan2002 on Fri 29 Dec 2017 - 10:59

There's a major corruption that happens if Lanmolas are in a room that has 6 or more sprites in it (counting itself). The shadows disappear (or turn into orange lines), sometimes only one of Link's sprite is visible (only his head or just everything below his head), plus there's noticeable lag until you kill a few sprites in the room. Do not open your map when this corruption is active, because the map screen will be a palette corruption and when you close it, the palettes completely change and the graphics will be glitched (meaning Lanmolas will be a bunch of the Middle-Aged Man and the head will be a Girl's head). This is what it looks like to have a corruption in Lanmolas 2:

Note the walls are glitched, it's just darkly colored.

If you see this in your rom unintentionally, remove a few sprites (or until there are no more than 5 in the room (note, this does not mean only one of the quadarants, it applies to all of the 4 quadrants combined). But if this is done intentionally, you should reset the rom to get rid of the palette corruption (but only after defeating the boss and saving and quitting).
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