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Post by Erockbrox Wed 24 Jan 2018 - 23:22

Here is a story I wanted to share with you guys. So the other day I was at a friends house and I met a friend of a friend.

I also brought along a portable SNES and the MSU1 flashcart with me so I can always show off hacks and such as a conversation starter.

So my friend was like "what's this game", and I was like "its a reversed engineered game" its called rom hacking. He was like wow, I do the same thing but instead of rom hacking a video game he hacks the rom on his car.

So because modern cars have computers on them there are also rom files on the car which tell the car how it should run. Because he is into maximizing the performance on this car he hacks the rom image on his car to allow him to make his car do special things.

For example, he said that his car is not street legal, but because he knows how to rom hack his car computer file he can make it pass the inspection anyway.

It was a really interesting conversation.

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