Need help with assets for ROM hack

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Need help with assets for ROM hack Empty Need help with assets for ROM hack

Post by CrookiNari Sat 10 Mar 2018 - 21:09

Hello all. I'm trying to pull together a remake (or demake, technically) of Zelda's Adventure on the CD-i (the third and probably worst of the shitty CD-i Zeldas) using A Link to the Past as a base. So I'm looking for people who are good at pixel art and have too much spare time on their hands to take some of the map screens and sprite sheets off my hands, because at the moment having to pull together the art for an entire game, even with recycled assets, is too much for one person. Please let me know if you'd like to volunteer for this or any other assistance you can give to the project as a whole! It'd be much appreciated! Smile


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