MSU Possible on N64?

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MSU Possible on N64?

Post by tjstogy on Fri 13 Apr 2018 - 12:15

As I'm sure most of you know, the N64 forced devs to squash all of the audio files into almost nothing in order to fit on the 12-64 MB carts. The music & audio weren't created this way, but rather adapted (compressed) in order to fit the limitations of the cartridge.
The largest commercially released cartridge released was only 64 MB- however up to 256 MB can be addressed by the N64 memory. However, to get lossless quality audio tracks- one would need far more space than this.

The N64 audio hindrance has been explained by many developers, and is especially noticeable when N64 re-releases come out with their intended lossless audio intact.

Check out what Goldeneye (a 12 MB cart) was supposed to sound like:

The Perfect Dark re-release on the X-Box One is a another prime example of what was hiding under the N64 cartridge's "hood".

Anyways, I understand that Byuu developed the MSU chip as an additional "special chip" similarly to those that devs had available on SNES cartridges with SuperFX, SA1, etc etc.

Unfortunately, I don't think any "special chips" were used for N64 cartridges, thus a different avenue might need to be taken to create something like MSU for N64, if even possible.

I wanted to post this to get some people smarter than me to ponder about it, and maybe someone will come up with something Smile


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