Not overly difficult rom hacks.

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Not overly difficult rom hacks. Empty Not overly difficult rom hacks.

Post by JUD6MENT Wed 12 Sep 2018 - 6:10

So i noticed something that about 90% of rom hacks have in common, they are insanely hard. I like a new adventure, i like one with an increase of difficulty, but only by a little. Does any one have some good suggestions for rom hacks that are not too difficult from original game? Here is my list.

Call of cthulhu (super mario world rom hack), this is by far the most enjoyable rom hack.

Megaman in the mushroom kingdom (original nes megaman), lots of fun, easy, a little glitchy though.

The 7th/8th/9th annual vanilla level design contest, Super Mario world, its like a better Mario maker, of only winner levels, not trash.

'the (super Mario world) a short creepy mario room hack, more like a creepy pasta though.

Megaman x generation, first x game rom hack, it's a ugly visual hack but it's a new experience of mega man.

Various video game randomizers, original zelda, zelda 2, link to past, zelda + metroid crossover, super metroid, original metroid. I love these.

Do you guys got suggestions? I especially want a good rom hack of link to the past and super metroid that is beatable.


Not overly difficult rom hacks. Image212

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