Need help getting GOW 3.0

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Need help getting GOW 3.0

Post by DarkLink88 on Sat 20 Oct 2018 - 19:20

I'm a big fan of ALTTP, especially randomizers so I decided to try out GOW 3.1 with eu version of the game but soon found out that it doesn't have the statues and the puzzles (and maybe other content) that 3.0 had. Decided to use the link from here to get the 3.0 ips file but it brought me to a page with strings of symbols and hyrogliphs. I think the link is long dead and turned into binary rubble. Does anyone have a zip file of gow 3.0 isp? I should be able to apply it and patch the rest as well as add the sound files and videos. Would really love to try GOW 3.0 in all it's awesome glory. Spin

nevermind folks, all I had to do was right click on the link to gow3.0 and hit save link as... Then lips sees the saved link as it's own ips document and interacts with it. That's it, that was all I needed. Thanks anyways. Spin Spin Spin Spin


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