Hey folks, new here!

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Hey folks, new here! Empty Hey folks, new here!

Post by Mikepjr Wed 6 Mar 2019 - 17:09

Hey folks, i'm new.
I'm on youtube, i'm known as The Goof.
I was looking at some MSU1 hacks, and noticed a few have some music that could be better, and the guy who posted the videos pointed me here telling me to join and I could get my tracks into some MSU1 hacks.
Currently i'm making some Yoshi's Island Covers.. because no offense to who ever produced those covers, but i feel like some of the instruments are a bit.. wrong.
I feel like my covers are going to feel a little closer to the originals while also sounding WAY better and way less... um.. SNESY? lol
So, just point me to where ever I gotta go to contribute these tracks!


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Hey folks, new here! Empty Re: Hey folks, new here!

Post by JUD6MENT Wed 6 Mar 2019 - 19:00

Welcome to the group. If you want to learn to make the PCM music for it, Qwertymodo got you covered, he has the best tutorial and self made tools for it.


When it comes to game sound tracks, be sure to not just try out the first available link, be sure to open the game page (by clicking the game title or clicking comment) and you will find nearly every game has multiple playlists to choose from. As for Yoshi Island, if you have not tried the other available choice, be sure to do so, because this guy is just amazing. Here is a link

daniloroxette's PCM Set (v2):

Also, I did the same thing. I listened to a few playlist and thought "not bad, but I got a few ideas of my own that fits my personal taste" Here is a few I have done.


This community is a lot of fun, hope you enjoy.

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Hey folks, new here! Empty Re: Hey folks, new here!

Post by Erockbrox Sat 9 Mar 2019 - 0:46

Do you have any examples of your ports? Would be cool to hear them.

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