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Post by Polargames Sun 30 Jun 2019 - 23:30

Hello Everyone,
This is a quick guide on how to set up retro pie on a raspberry pi SBC
(Most models) Excluding 1 and 2

First off, To make things easier you can buy a Cana Kit which will have every thing you need. Or you can buy things separately.
1. Raspberry pi SBC
2. HDMI Cable
3. 5v-2.5A usb mini power supply. ( Raspie 4 model is USB type C 5.1v/3.0A)
4. Micro SD Card, At least 32 GB, but I would suggest 128 GB.
5. Heat sinks and/or active fan or liquid cooling.
6. Case for the Raspberry Pi SBC*, Whatever one you want.
7. 3rd party USB Game controllers, again whatever you pick. Can also use Bluetooth controllers on it as well.
8. USB Key Board(Suggestion, but strongly encouraged)

1. Retro pie Image
2. SD card Image burner, Etcher is a great one to use.
3. 7-Zip or WinRaR to extract the pie Image.

Getting things Started.

1. Go to this link and the click on the 1 of 2 buttons that match your raspberry pie model. If for some reason you are stuck on what one to use you can always use google to look it up.

2. Go to this link to download etcher for your OS, and install it.

3. When your retropie Image file is done downloading ( Which can vary on your internet speed) Place it on your desktop and extract the image using 7-zip or Winrar.

Now you should have an img file on your desktop, now open etcher click on the IMG icon in the program to select the IMG file, Next make sure your Mini SD card is in the adapter and have it in your sd card slot in the computer
Make sure to check the drive your computer gives your sd card and pick it on the etcher program, after that click the get started button.

After Etcher is done burning the img to your sd card, take it out of your computer and slide the micro sd card into the slot on your pie.

To make this part short and sweet, Here is the official start up guide.

That's pretty much it, but there are some things I would like to say in more detail then what the link gives.

1. Do not use the built in game scraper to get in game cover art. From what I have been told its still broken, So here is a link to a better one and it also gives you instructions on how to install it. Do not use this link, Skyscraper is now built into Retropie and is the default cover art getter. :-)

2. Please skip the N64 part of retro pi,Only a few games run well and mostly the raspberry pi is not powerful enough to run N64 emulation smoothly.

3. You can find pre-made Imgs of retro pi people have put together, but I DO NOT SUPPORT THAT!!!!! So do not bring that up. Ok :-)

4. The * by the retro  pi case means you can also find passive cooling cases for it. If you do buy one of these make sure to buy thermal paste. I strongly suggest MX-4.

5. The retro pi OS is bare bones, there are no games on it. How to install or where to find said games,  That you will have to do on your own.

6. As of now the Raspberry pi 4 sbc is not supported on retro pie at all, but this can change with time.

I hope this helps. Also following this guide is at your own risk. nor I are responsible for anything. Again Do this at your own risk.

I hope you have a nice day  Smile

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