Rendering Ranger R2

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Rendering Ranger R2 Empty Rendering Ranger R2

Patch v1.0b6* by PepilloPeV:

PCM Pack by PepilloPeV (Royalty Free Music from TeknoAxe/HookSounds/AudioBlocks) v4**:
Track Map:

* Consult the readme file for change log changes and fixes. (2019.08.15)
** PCM pack supplied is missing Stage Introduction Theme (falls back to SPC playback).

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Since : 2017-10-16

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Rendering Ranger R2 :: Comments


Post Sun 28 Jul 2019 - 23:28 by Polargames

Rendering Ranger R2 Giphy

Way to go dude. :-D Cannot wait to play this. :-)

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Post Thu 28 May 2020 - 20:52 by VVV18

Please see this CRC 1D2D641F...
I didn't find it anywhere!
That wouldn't be the correct one CRC8FB5AC86?

Google Translator here...
Thank you!!!

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Post Thu 28 May 2020 - 21:05 by pepillopev

@VVV18 I pasted the wrong CRC in the readme file (now updated). The CRC you mentioned is the correct one. Thanks for the heads up.

Now, once again, as I stated before in one of the posts you hijacked in the past, can you just please make a personal list of every issue you find in a simple text file and then send it to me when you are done. It is much easier for me to do it this way as opposed to you hijacking every forum for each game. Please can you do this? I know you mean well but help me out here, will ya? If you keep hijacking and posting like this, I will just leave it up to Conn or Relikk to fix this stuff. You are driving me nuts hijacking every forum. Confused

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Post Thu 28 May 2020 - 21:33 by VVV18

@ pepillopev
I'll do as I said on a notepad ...
Only games that start with S&T are missing!
Only 55 games.
As soon as I finish, I send it, in case I find an error !!!
Thank you.

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Post Thu 28 May 2020 - 21:36 by pepillopev

@VVV18 Thank you Smile

I gladly appreciate your assistance...

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