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Post by Polargames Sun 3 May 2020 - 23:07

Hello Brutapode89, while I do like your Idea. Very Happy I honestly do not ever see it happening. It does not help that the device was never intended for the general public, So it would be extremely difficult to study/program something like this in a emulator. There could be a very small chance that one did escape into the wild, but I would make sure your pocketbook is very large because  said sell will have a huge price on it.

The other thing is right now N64 emulation is still being worked on, i.e making it play the whole N64 game selection being near 100% authentic in play wise, like the snes. Due to that being more of the goal from what I have read on the net so far, I do not think this will be added into a project anytime soon, as there is no way to play it on a og N64.

So far even MD+ games have yet to have a emulator that can run them like MSU-1.

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