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Patch Download - Open Beta v0.2:

MSU-1 PCM pack by qwertymodo:

Readme - Open Beta v0.2:

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Post Sun 20 Sep 2020 - 15:55 by Conn

If somebody wants to test the new feather jump, here's the patch to apply. It's still sort of "beta" so playtests should be made:
(subfolder: reverse_oldglidingFeather/conker_feather.ips)

Apply ONLY this conker_feather.ips, on your milk utopia prepatched rom (no other patch from this folder)!

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Post Thu 24 Sep 2020 - 13:27 by Santa Link

As far as I'm concerned I won't work anymore on this project. The game can be beaten completely and there shouldn't have other bugs aside those mentionned in the readme.

Erockbrox has plans to continue working in the hack and the upper post will be updated with his own version when/if he's done.

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