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v1.2 Final (ips patch)

[old] v1.1 (ips patch)

[old] beta v1.5 (ups patch)
The patch needs to be applied on ALTTP (US), no header. You need a UPS patcher.

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The Legend of Zelda - Gerudo Exile :: Comments


Post Wed 23 Sep 2020 - 19:01 by Puzzledude

The version is now Final 1.1, instead of the last ups patch I had, which was beta 1.5. Then it was beta 1.7. So the order is: beta 1.5, beta 1.7, final 1.0 and final 1.1. It's on the website. Otherwise this ups patch here is beta 1.5. There are some minor differences though.

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Post Thu 24 Sep 2020 - 5:33 by Conn

updated the link, thanks Wink

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Post Wed 7 Oct 2020 - 15:37 by Santa Link

GweiloGopher wrote:Updated to version 1.2, someone found a softlock that I fixed.

Also updated screenshots as per the author's request!

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Post Sun 11 Oct 2020 - 3:06 by sinistra

@Orochimaru , Thank you for providing us with another great episode, i'm playing it now and so far i totally like it.

Very Happy Breakdance

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Post Fri 30 Oct 2020 - 19:28 by GweiloGopher

Hey Brutapode,

Anyone can feel free to work on our change my hack as they see fit. MSU-1 would be sweet... could that mean OoT Forest Temple music in the Poe Manor?

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Post Sat 31 Oct 2020 - 5:23 by Conn

The lite patch should be compatible with any patch:
subfolder "lite(novideo)_pal_ntsc_allVersions_compatible" - alttp_msu1_short.ips

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Post Mon 2 Nov 2020 - 13:25 by Pamfafoofle

I've been working through this hack for the past couple of weeks and think I'm almost finished (19 Heart Containers). However, the game completely freezes when I draw the Master Sword from the pedestal. Can anyone confirm if they have the same problem? Playing version 1.2 on ZSNES.

I expect that I could bypass this problem with a code to get Sword2 (the Master Sword IS coded as Sword2, correct?) and keep going, but just want to check to make sure that I won't be missing any important deep coding enacted by the event of drawing the sword from the pedestal. Any chance you could tell me what storyline I'd be missing by doing this?

This might be minor spoilers at this point, but is every Y item in this game? I noticed that King Zora's Heart Piece originally showed up as the Ether Medallion (which I believe is a relic of Hylian Legacy's recoding of this event) so I was wondering if that means the Ether Medallion is not present in the game, and if so maybe a bunch of other items aren't either. Still 9 Y item slots open on the menu.

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Post Fri 13 Nov 2020 - 0:42 by Wolfcat

With version 1.4 I have 19 hearts, the master sword, but there isn't a medallion on my item listed. I just checked version 1.4 in zsnes and Zora wasn't there, so I had already been there.

I've been playing through version 1.2 in zsnes and Zora did say he gave me an old rusted coin(which I assume is one of the medallions) and a quarter piece of heart, but there isn't a medallion in any of the versions I had played in ZSNES and snes9x, but I haven't checked all the versions through and through on both ZSNES and snes9x(which are v1.4, v1.2 and v1-94. I never grabbed versions 1.5 and 1.1.

It's hard to keep up. This is one of the harder games to play through, so I had a hard time even thinking of posting a response until I got far enough that I might be able to say anything.

I still have the Desert Palace to play through which I have the big key for now, but I need to chill from playing this game for a while. If the master sword freezes the game of version 1.2 in ZSNES, I will let you all know. I am running zsnesw151.

Also, I should say how snes9x is preferred over zsnes because unless I mistaken it is more updated and thus more secure but also less buggy. So although I still run ZSNES which I sort of prefer because it is better IMO(In My Opinion) for quicker save state saving and loading, I try to use snesx9 to get used to the idea of only running it instead.

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Post Sat 14 Nov 2020 - 2:57 by Wolfcat

OK, I have the master sword with alttp - Gerudo Exile version 1.2

Here is my item list:
Red Boomarang,
magic powder,
bug catcher net,
The book of Mudora,
red cane,
magic mirror,
two bottles,
running boots,
glove level two,
swimming fins,
three pedants,
zero crystals,
the red shield,
the green tonic shirt,
18 hearts(with 4 half heart pieces I can think of I didn't get, which means the last heart might be one heart or three heart pieces I missed),
and now I have the level 2 sword which is blue on the menu but green when using it.

I should say there are three areas I have never been able to get to,
1. On the far right side of the map where there are stones everywhere I lifted and dug every spot that can be shoveled there, and I bombed the mountain walls to no avail, so I don't know.
2. As well as there's a cave to the left of a house with a guy who says to return a book to the book shelf he lost if we find it. That cave is also above the room with spikes in.
3. There is also the dark stone that requires the 3rd level gloves in the village.

If you had a glitch when pulling the master sword out of the stone in version 1.2 but not for me, then there must be a reason why. What version of ZSNES are you running? Are you running Linux or Windows? I don't know how to fix this and this could happen for someone else.

I once had a alttp rom hack with the halo from here freeze when using the halo which is supposed to be used to save "Link" by using bees I think. At the time I was usng ZSNES on Ubuntu Linux from way back some 10 years ago I think.

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Post Sat 14 Nov 2020 - 8:36 by Pamfafoofle

Thanks for your research Wolfcat! I did end up applying the code to get the Master Sword, which worked fine--I just imagine that I missed some backstory text from pulling the sword and also from exiting the grove. Applying the code still triggered the priest to be slain. I went on to beat the game...and then I decided to go back and play it again, so I am working through it for a second time. We'll see if the same thing happens pulling the Master Sword this time (it'll be a while before I get there.) If it still doesn't work, I'd really love to know what story text I missed.

I've got ZSNES 1.51 for Windows, so it's technically the "latest" version although it's now 13 years old!

Comments on your item list:

I found every item you did except for the Book of Mudora--although I do remember that villager talking about there being a book. I'll have to see if I can figure out where to find this item this time around. As far as I can tell, though, the Book of Mudora isn't actually used for anything in the it? Why would it have been included?

For your three inaccessible areas:
1. I noticed this cave too and temporarily enabled the Run Through Walls code to get to it because I couldn't for the life of me figure out another way (I assure you I don't play through the regular game cheating this way!) It actually is completely inaccessible because it leads to a spiked floor room with a message that says "CHEATER!" So you CANNOT get there without applying a code.
2. I'm trying to interpret your description and am not sure if I understood it right. What you may be describing is the cave exit that leads to the back entrance of the Stock Pot Inn. The entrance to that cave is (I think) in the village lake. If that's not what you're referring to then I would need a different description. I don't think there was any place in the village that I missed.
3. You can get the Titan's Mitt by completing the spike room challenge in the cave in the east of Lurelin Village. As the information tile says, you do in fact need all 20 Heart Containers and 2 Life Potions to survive this. I made a list of all the Heart Pieces in the game if you want it. (One hint: Be on the lookout for oddly grouped patterns of flowers and dig in the center of them to uncover a secret hole. I think there are 3 or 4 such holes in the world, and I missed noticing most of them the first time.) The Titan's Mitt is only used to get into that shack you noted, which contains an upgrade that should make your quest easier.

Yes, this is a difficult quest. In addition to the puzzles, there are lots of races which require pretty precise movements to complete on time. I've been pretty addicted to using savestates ever since Parallel Worlds, so I suppose I don't notice the demands on one's life nearly as much as I ought to, but even so it's challenging to time everything right. Certainly not the most casual of games to play through.

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Post Sat 14 Nov 2020 - 14:45 by Wolfcat

For number 2:
3. Thank you for the shovel hole clue.

and yes you the book can be used on something, but I am don't remember it ever being needed other than for a clue by going to where the guy in the house says to return it to it's bookshelf. I remember someone using it on the turtle shells to get through the area through the lava area faster(if returning to that area) which is the number 6 spot when using the flute, but that is not needed. I couldn't seem to get that to work, but I don't know what I am doing wrong because that doesn't seem to work for moving those turtle shells.

I think I got the book from a nearby cave, but I can't remember. I was able just now to find a save state to know that the book is in that area and my clue for you is there will be a skeleton foe you will have to find a way to kill at the bottom right of that cave.

The dialog for the master sword is:
Right after pulling the sword:
Suddenly, you hear your sister's voice.
"Help, Link!
The priest betrayed us, he handed me over to Agahnim!"

When stepping out of the tree trunk cave the dialog is:
Link! Help!

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