Level 4 Jedi-Sword !

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Level 4 Jedi-Sword ! Empty Level 4 Jedi-Sword !

Post by N.Dpendent Wed 26 Aug 2020 - 23:19

I got 2 ideas:

1: let the magical bomerang change colors like the sealed tower of ganon.
2: if possible raise the frequenz of the flashing color and make the level 4 sword look like a lightsaber from star wars and rename it to "Jedi-Sword" or just "Lightsaber"

I dont know,if this color is hardcoded or a changing palette,like in some gba roms.
Need help to find it and maybe someone to join my little project,cause i`m not very skilled in romhacking yet!

I only did the "Better Color Hack" for Mario Kart Super Circuit, a little textbox-fix for Secret of Mana (G) and a unrelesed Link ReColor Mod, that makes him blond and change the caps to match the armor-colors...so there is much to learn!

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Level 4 Jedi-Sword ! Empty Re: Level 4 Jedi-Sword !

Post by sinistra Fri 27 Nov 2020 - 10:49

Not sure if that's possible, there are some restrictions, it can cause lag when there's just too much going on in one window.

E.g. having 5 soldiers and link, and some birds already can lag the game and then have a flashing sword or a flashing boomerang.

Maybe some of the experienced game hackers can shed a light on this?
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