Super Mario Brothers Super Show Ep1 MSU1 Video [NTSC]

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Super Mario Brothers Super Show Ep1 MSU1 Video [NTSC] Empty Super Mario Brothers Super Show Ep1 MSU1 Video [NTSC]

Post by Billgonzo on Sat 5 Sep 2020 - 19:54


So I wanted to be able to play a whole episode of Super Mario Bro Super Show on my SNES, so I made this. I ran into some issues with audio and video sync due to the audio running at a slightly higher sample rate than it was rendered at. If you want to find more details, I found all the info I needed in this post:

All you have to do is take the .WAV file into Audacity, under Effects select Change Speed and type +0.265 in the Percent Change box. Then convert the file for use on emulation or whatever. I also had to convert the file Audition rendered in VLC from .WAV to .WAV for WAV2MSU to accept the file.

This will probably only work on 60Hz consoles. Also, I don't know if this process works for feature length content, as this only approximately fixes the issue and it takes a long ass time to convert longer files so i haven't tested this.

Also, if anyone has a SD2SNES Pro with an SD card with short access times, please let me know if it works. My micro SD card in my FXPak Pro has 1.4ms average access time and 16ms peak and this video usually doesn't work, but sometimes it does so i think its just the SD card. I ordered a new one so should be able to test it tomorrow. Hopefully it just works, but it is asking a lot from the SD card.

Edit: After receiving a new SD card with a much better access time, this seems to work just fine on my FXPak Pro. That being said, it seems these longer videos are more sensitive to what power supply you use. I tried it first on a SupaBoy (original model), and the video didn't work. I then tried it on a standard SNES with a cheap 3rd part adapter and it worked for a second then it didnt work, grabbed an official power adapter and it worked. I have to assume the battery on the SupaBoy and the cheap power brick just didnt provide enough juice, but the slow SD card was also a part of the problem


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Super Mario Brothers Super Show Ep1 MSU1 Video [NTSC] Empty Re: Super Mario Brothers Super Show Ep1 MSU1 Video [NTSC]

Post by Zoltar007 on Wed 16 Sep 2020 - 10:24

I messed around with this a bit myself a few years ago & found that the audio & video would fall out of sync after a few minutes, so I ended up giving up on it (I even tried testing this exact episode). So, I just ended up converting Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.

Edit: I forgot that SmokeMonster posted a long broken link to it a few years ago here (, so here's a working link to it:

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