The NewZealand Story (MD+)

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The NewZealand Story (MD+) Empty The NewZealand Story (MD+)

- MD+ Patch -

MD+ Patches* (by infinest):

*The patch ZIP contains two separate patches, original and extended. The original patch is the game patched as normal with one main theme for every level. The extended patch adds different tracks for each sub level in the game, after level 1-1 (tracks 18 - 30), and a separate track for the final boss (track 17).

- MD+ Audio Packs -

MD+ Arcade OST* (by Relikk):
*For use with the original patch.

MD+ The NewZealand Story Revolution Nintendo DS OST* (by Relikk):
*For use with the extended patch.

- MD+ Source -


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Since : 2017-02-17

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The NewZealand Story (MD+) :: Comments


Post Thu 3 Jun 2021 - 10:42 by Metro City

Hi, after create:
MD+ The NewZealand Story (Arcade OST).cue
MD+ The NewZealand Story (Arcade OST).md
and try

Mega SD see it with a cd and not as a rom, can someone help me? thank you

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Post Thu 3 Jun 2021 - 10:55 by Relikk

In the MegaSD UI, press start on the folder where your MD+ games are contained. It'll refresh the database that the MegaSD creates on your SD for quick listing and should see the game as an MD+ game, instead of a CD.

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Post Fri 4 Jun 2021 - 0:09 by Metro City

You are GREAT Very Happy

Thank you very much, i didn't know this function, i made many attempts and i thought it was the rom that was wrong.

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