Warsong / Langrisser (MSU-MD)

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Warsong / Langrisser (MSU-MD) Empty Warsong / Langrisser (MSU-MD)

Note: The original author of this patch is ArcadeTV, all credits go to him.
I am posting the patch as it is no longer available from the original download site.
Tested on Retroarch and Mega Everdrive Pro, no issues found on it.

- Patch -

Original ROM Information:
Warsong (U) [!].md
CRC32: 4B680285
Use Flips to apply the patch

Applied improvements:

MSU-MD Warsong / Langrisser patch (by ArcadeTV):

- Audio Packs -

MSU-MD PC Engine CD & PS1 (by jerrymh)

MSU-MD Langrisser Remake 2019 (by ArcadeTV_Zeth Bsoul)
Mad Batter
Mad Batter

Since : 2021-02-11

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Warsong / Langrisser (MSU-MD) :: Comments


Post Sat 3 Jul 2021 - 12:17 by Shadowrun

A MD+ version would be great ! Confused

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Post Mon 5 Jul 2021 - 13:09 by jerrymh

Shadowrun wrote:A MD+  version would be great !   Confused
Unfortunately the source code was lost on the Arcadetv page. The patch would have to do from 0 again. There is also an MSU patch for langrisser 2 but it has a bug in the first stage, it's a shame since langrisser 2 has much better OST, the langrisser 2 soundpack is done at 100% if you know someone that want to make a working patch.

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Post Mon 19 Jul 2021 - 16:16 by jerrymh

If someone want to make a MD+ patch I leave de break point and sound tables on the rom.

And if someone want to make a proper Langrisser2 patch I have the breakpoint and the sound tables directions to,  The Full OST is already maked properly aliged with the games sountracks.  Just contact me.


Warsong / Langrisser (MSU-MD) Warsong

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Post Wed 17 Aug 2022 - 14:04 by P_Sigma

On retroarch the game crashes when I'm trying to use a save state. I have downloaded several MD+ patches from here without any similar problems. Is it my settings, or is this a known problem with the MSU-MD games and the genesis plus gx core?

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