The Legend of Zelda - Tower of the Triforce

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The Legend of Zelda - Tower of the Triforce Empty The Legend of Zelda - Tower of the Triforce

Description: Euclid's original demo before it became Parallel Worlds, being finished/improved into a full hack by Letterbomb.

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Since : 2020-10-03

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Post Sun 25 Jul 2021 - 1:52 by Letterbomb

Alrighty, since I have a page for my hack, I might as well tell some things about it for those who are not familiar with the project.

In late May, I began hacking Zelda 3, and I tried to work on two projects to get some experience in both the Overworld and Dungeon Editor. After messing around with both of the editors to get a feel for how everything works, I decided to pick up Euclid's Abandoned Demo of The Legend of Zelda: Tower of the Triforce to remake it into a full hack! I remade all of the overworld areas and all of the dungeon areas into ZScream, to give it a fresh new start.

So far, all of the overworld areas have their layouts/buildings complete. Almost all of the overworld just needs more aesthetic touches to make it finished! The dungeons and the caves of the game have also been remodeled to make some of the design of the hack better. Some of the dungeons however are almost the same that we got in Parallel Worlds. Because of that, I will also remodel some areas to make the older dungeons better.

In terms of new things I will be adding into the hack, I will be adding in 6-7 new dungeons to give the hack a total of 14 dungeons. The overworld will also have some new things added into it as I make more of the hack to flesh out the overworlds a bit more. Caves and Houses will also be edited and will sometimes even used unused layouts that were present in SePH's Demo of Tower of the Triforce. Besides that, I will also add in a lot of quality of life asm patches to my hack, as well as many other things.

But yeah, so far in terms of progress I am at the equivalent of Euclid's Demo within a month's work. I've put in a lot of work into my hack so far just remaking everything, so I hope that this hack will not disappoint once I release the full version! However, there is a lot more work to do, so stay tuned for news on my project to make Tower of the Triforce a full game! Very Happy

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Post Sun 25 Jul 2021 - 8:54 by SePH

Be sure to tone down some dungeons, not everyone liked the overall difficulty of the game!! I'll look into my files if I can find some of the more obscure asm hacks not present on Zeldix.

Overall, good luck and may you accomplish finishing your goal!

Perhaps with the experience you gain you'll then be able to come up with your very own hack. If not, you can always try to finish any other unfinished hacks in the abandonned section of the database!

Very Happy Very Happy

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Post Sun 25 Jul 2021 - 15:10 by Letterbomb

Well yeah, I will tone down some of the dungeons so then the cane of byrna is not required in a lot of situations, and so laggy areas like Ruto's Fortress are not super slow to go through. I will also plan to remove the flying floor tile rooms and I will make the beginning sequence of the game less hard with the boxing asm. Very Happy

Of course there's other things too like bomb jumping which will most likely not be in the game. However, I do want to make this game Hard but at the same time more fair to the player.

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