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Post by Conn Mon 13 Sep 2021 - 16:24

Speaking for me, I'm restrictive with banning, it only happened 3,4 times that I needed to ban people and it's never an easy decision. In your case I'm decided undecided Smile
Pepillopev unfortunately left this forum because of real life business, but whenever a ban reason appears I'll ask the current active mods/admins for their votes - which are relikk, jud6ment and more or less qwertymodo (where I think he votes neutral since he is less frequently active). What I'm telling is that it will be a democratic decision whether somebody gets banned or not.

For your future here I want to suggest the following:
Zeldix is a fan forum for fans. We are no company nor a paid hotline. We don't earn money. It's a hobby that should be fun, not a burden! If a patch doesn't work or there is no french version, the sun will nevertheless rise tomorrow... Take some emotional distance...

Be polite: if someone fixes stuff for you or answers your questions, he spent part of his life time to help you with your problem. A small thanks is always appreciated and appropriate.

Look if someone already asked/answered your question and if not, try yourself to fix it up first. If you tried for about 2 hours at least to get a patch working you may ask for help.

Don't ask stuff nobody can know. We are humans only and not Delphi Oracle Wink

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